Product Review: Built Bars

Disclaimer: I received Built Bars to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) at, and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Let’s be real. I’m usually not picky when it comes to food—of any kind. But as I’ve gotten older (I’m nearing 38 here, folks, death is upon me), I’ve realized that I can choose to enjoy the finer things in life and not dive into that bag of Cheetos or come-hither-silver-space-packaged Pop Tarts if I so dare. All chocolate is not created equal (hush yo’ mouth), and I really do want to fuel my body for the better.

That being said, I’m tired of chocking down protein bars that taste like garbage. Actual garbage that vomited garbage, wrapped in cardboard garbage. There’s really no reason why a woman nearly in her 40s needs to suffer so.

Gross, right?!

I almost didn’t raise my hand to BibRave’s protein bar opt-in, but I knew that BibRave has great taste and wouldn’t poison its Pros. Man, oh, man am I thankful I took this shot! Built Bars are hands down the best-tasting protein bars that have ever graced my lips.

I was pleasantly surprised that Built Bar sent me three huge boxes—one box of the Coconut Almond flavor, one of the Peanut Butter, and one mixed variety that came with the following:

  • Double Chocolate Mousse
  • Orange Chocolate Creme
  • Raspberry Chocolate Creme
  • Salted Caramel Chocolate
  • Vanilla Chocolate Creme
  • Banana Chocolate Creme
  • Mint Brownie Delite
  • Black Cherry Chocolate Creme

Consistency wise when you first bite into a Built Bar (catch phrase cash-in?!), you might either fall in love, well, or not. The middle of the bar is a lot softer than most protein bars I’ve tried (see picture above). It’s almost squishy, but in a delicious, flavor-bursting kind of way. If you’re not a fan of the squish, I suggest putting your bar in the freezer for a bit!

And let’s get another thing straight. I’m normally not a fan of fruit and chocolate together. Don’t hate me. I still love you. I really thought I wouldn’t like the orange, raspberry, banana, or black cherry flavors, but I truly loved them all! My favorite flavors hands down are the Banana Chocolate Creme, Coconut Almond (tastes like an Almond Joy bar!), and Peanut Butter.

And y’know how sometimes different flavors of one brand all kind of taste the same? (For example, I feel like the Dunks syrup flavors all personally taste the same.) This is definitely not the case with Built Bars. The Banana Chocolate Creme has a distinct banana flavor, while the Black Cherry Chocolate Creme most definitely tastes like a chocolate-covered cherry.

If you’re wondering how Built Bars stack up against other competitors, check out this chart:

And if you’re super into labels, here are a few examples:

I love the fact that the company seems to come out with new flavors often and is even running a contest where customers can decide what Built Bar flavor will be made next!

I absolutely give Built Bar five stars, two thumbs up, five bars in my mouth at once, however you judge success in your life!

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Run over to Built Bar’s website and social media channels here, and use code BUILTNOW for 20% off!


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