Marathon Training: Day 37

runWell, that was hard. At about 80 degrees in the full sun, I felt fried for most of my five miler outside today. I tried to stick to the shady spots, but there weren’t many along my route. I’ve also noticed that since I’ve been doing 99% of my runs on the treadmill this summer, my legs and back are sore after just two days of running outside. That’s crazy!

Today is the More in 24 campaign, where Team Momentum is trying to raise as much money as possible in twenty-four hours! I’m trying to hit my $1,000 goal (about $200 to go) in this time frame. Please consider going here to donate!

Marathon Training: Day 36

FullSizeRenderHas anyone else started using the Nike Run Club app that has replaced the Nike+ app? I like the new look of the app, but most of what I want to do isn’t working right now. I can’t add a new profile picture, I can’t see my leader board, and I can’t post my activity to the activity stream. I’m sure these are all simple glitches that can be fixed, but they’re all kind of annoying.

Today I did something epic: I freakin’ ran OUTSIDE. I haven’t run outside this entire summer. No joke. It felt amazing. Yes, it was still warm at about 75 degrees, but I’m not complaining. I ran at 11 a.m., which is earlier than I normally run, but it was conducive to my work meetings and such. I’m proud of my pace too, because it generally felt like an easy run. My heart rate was a bit higher than it should be (closer to 160 instead of the 145–150 BPM that I’m shooting for), but I’m OK with that.

I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t get up in the morning to run in NH while we visited my family this weekend. The long drive from DE to NH, coupled with the hours in the car to get to different places, just wore me out. A huge thank you goes out to my mom for getting up with the Angry Toddler each morning while we were there! And an even bigger shout out goes to my husband for driving the entire time!

Here’s a pic of the Angry Toddler and I holding my sister’s new baby boy!


In other news, I wanted to share something with you. Meet Lucas. Lucas is five years old and lives in Alexandria, VA. He was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) in 2015. Lucas’ parents, Emilee and Jason, are fellow Team Momentum participants and taking on the Marine Corps Marathon 10k.

Because of funds raised from Team Momentum participants (like me), Lucas will be eligible to attend MDA Summer Camp when he is six years old! Here’s a cute video of Lucas groovin’ for us:

And as always, if you’d like to donate to Team Momentum, please go here. 

Marathon Training: Days 34 and 35

runYesterday I ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill, and today I ran 4 miles. I’m still listening to the Tanis podcast, and it makes the treadmill miles go by much more quickly. Tom pointed out that it sounds like a book called House of Leaves.  I haven’t read the book, but it sounds interesting.

If I get any miles in tomorrow, it’ll have to be at night, because I have a hair appointment during the day. Then on Thursday we leave at night to go visit my family in NH and MA for a very quick weekend!

Marathon Training: Day 33

runI’ve decided on today’s four-mile treadmill run that I might need to invest in some sort of rag to wipe the massive amounts of sweat from my face whilst running. Even inside with an air conditioner and a fan on (albeit in a VERY sunny back room that gets no ventilation), it was incredibly hot. Has anyone used runningLUV products before like this?

I’ve finished up all of the Black Tapes podcast episodes that are out so far, so I switched over to Tanis again. It’s less interesting (so far) than the Black Tapes, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me. What other horror/sci-fi podcasts are out there that you love that I’m missing?

Marathon Training: Day 32

runMy four-mile treadmill run today is dedicated to my new nephew, William Gerald Reardon, who was born on 8/8/16 at 4:53 a.m.! He’s 8 pounds and 21 inches long. He’s basically the exact same as The Angry Toddler, which is bizarre, because my sis and I are fraternal twins!

IMG_0037Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?! I love him so much, and I haven’t even met him yet. We live over eight hours away, so this is killing me!

Marathon Training: Day 31

runI got in 4 treadmill miles this afternoon during my lunch break. I also bought a couple of pairs of Feetures! socks that are on sale online for 40% off right now. Woot woot! Now that I’m running more again, I go through clean socks like nobody’s business.

I, sadly, didn’t get in my weekend run (again). I woke up with a head cold on Saturday morning that’s still lingering. I wake up stuff, out of it, and altogether tired. Toward the middle of the day I feel better, but then later in the day I’m dragging tail again. It feels like I need a full weekend to sleep, but we all know that’s not happening with the Angry Toddler!

As always, please remember to take a look at my Team Momentum MDA donation page! I’m still just about $200 short of my goal, so I’d love even $5 donations to inch me toward that total. View my page here:

Marathon Training: Day 30

runToday was one of those good runs. I got in 4.5 treadmill miles, and I ended my week at 20 miles total. My plan calls for 12 miles this weekend, so I need to get that in early on Sunday morning.

Now I just need to work on my nutrition, and I’ll be set hah!

Marathon Training: Day 29

runToday’s run was a bit harder than others this week. I forgot to put the air conditioning on downstairs, and I had to stop once to futz with the treadmill and once to grab water (which I never do). I just wasn’t into it, but hey, not all runs are perfect! I still got in three treadmill miles. Tomorrow’s supposed to be a rest day, but I’ve been missing my weekend runs, so I need to keep up at least some base level of fitness. I’m supposed to run twelve miles on Sunday.