Arch-a Glad I Asked?

13133291_10208819135416238_8461839249836696734_nGet it? Like “aren’t ya”?! No? Well, OK then. Recently, I’ve been having some very odd arch pain in both of my feet. About two weeks ago, I decided to create a makeshift standing desk, so I attributed it potentially to that. I work from home, so I’ve been standing up in bare feet a lot more than I used to. That sounds feasible, right?

I went to see my trusty Delaware Running Company rep to see if he could help. He was the one who fitted me in my current Adidas Supernova Glide 7s. At the time, I was having some pain on the outsides of my feet, so he thought fitting me in a lower-arch shoe might give me more room width wise. They seemed to work like a charm, they got me through my first marathon, and I didn’t have any problems with them until now.

He suggested running in the Adidas this week to see if I still have arch pain, and if so, I might need to go back to a higher-arched shoe like the Brooks I used before.

I ran Monday and Wednesday of this week, and I still had pain. Today, I thought I’d dig out my very old Adidas to see if they felt any different. I ran three treadmill miles, and VOILA, zero pain.

I have the Delaware Running Festival half marathon on Sunday, May 8, so I think I’ll use my older Adidas for that and then pay a visit to the running store ASAP.

Stay tuned!




Let’s Talk Elevation

Do you get nervous before races regardless of the distance? I’m irrationally nervous for the Delaware Running Festival half marathon this Sunday, May 8, 2016. I think it’s because the longest I’ve run since the Rehoboth Beach Marathon is five miles. Yep, you read that correctly. I typically run three times a week during my lunch break, so I only do two to three miles at a time either outside or on the treadmill.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing some arch pain. I saw my trusted Delaware Running Company rep who said that it could be a combination of my standing at my desk a lot recently (so I’m now back to sitting down, at least for the time being) and a lower-arch shoe. My shoes only have about 250 miles on them, so I’d hate to put them aside already, but I might have to break down and get a higher-arch shoe (perhaps going back to my trusted Brooks).

I also just looked at the elevation charts and thought it might be a good exercise to compare the Rehoboth Beach Marathon elevation chart (which didn’t seem hilly to me at all), to the Delaware Running Festival Marathon elevation chart, and then for laughs to the Marine Corps Marathon elevation chart. Here’s how they compare:

Rehoboth Beach: Oh, look. No hills. Weeeeeeee.

RB Elevation

Delaware Running Festival: This map is TINY, and I wasn’t able to zoom in at all, but I don’t like the looks of Miles 3, 6, 7, or 10. Lord help me!

DE Marathon

Marine Corps Marathon: This is much more my style! The first three miles look craptastic, but after that, it looks smooth sailing!

MCM elevation

By the way, I also wanted to add here that if anyone would like to donate to my MDA Team Momentum and Muscular Dystrophy Association toward running the 41st Marine Corps Marathon for all those who cannot, please consider checking out my donation page here:

Product Review: Side Stitch by Ginny

922693_10208325745921809_5620879611073662783_n (1)Side Stitch by Ginny headbands are my latest obsession. I’m extremely, wicked, over-the-top picky about my running headbands. I used to be a Sweaty Bands junkie, but I found that I had to readjust the headband mid-run constantly. I thought that was really the only option out there (hello? had I heard about the Internet?!), so I just stuck with the brand.

I then tried an Under Armour thicker band that works very well, but sometimes it feels a little too overbearing. If I put it over my ears when I’m wearing my amaze Jabra Pulse wireless ear buds, then I feel like I’m in a cave or vice or something.

Then along came Side Stitch by Ginny. I was given two headbands to try through The Running Lifestyle Show  (TRLS) podcast, and I had no idea what they looked like until they arrived in the mail. When I opened the package I literally said out loud, “Oh no! They’re just like Sweaty Bands.” Meh. I was won over by the black-and-white polka dot design and the cute pink color, but I wasn’t sold on the fit yet. I wore the black-and-white polka dot band out shopping that evening, and to my surprise, it really stayed on, even while I was chasing the Angry Toddler around the aisles.

I took it out for a test run the next day, and man, I didn’t have to adjust it once! That’s something huge in my book. I feel like I’m constantly adjusting all the STUFF on me when I’m running, and this is one less thing to worry about.

Also, Ginny has recently made some special TRLS headbands, so I’m going to have to get one of those!

Here’s where to find her:





MCM, here I come!

startHi, there! Today I decided to take the plunge and try my hand at another marathon! (All I can hear is Britney Spears’ “Whoops I Did It Again” playing in my head . . . ) 

I decided to join the MDA Team Momentum, because we take the gift of life—of being able to walk, run, jump, play, laugh, talk, and even chew our food—for granted at times. Imagine going from a healthy middle-aged man one month to not being able to breathe on your own a few short months later. That’s the reality of MD for some. 

I’m running in honor of my mom’s friend John who lost his life to MD. I’m running in honor of your son, daughter, wife, mother, and friend—anyone and everyone who has been affected by this disease. 

I have a lofty goal to raise $1,000 toward this cause. Every dollar helps. Every life matters. If you can find it in your heart to donate, please go here

Many thanks,

Product Review: Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds

One of the many products on my must-try list has always been wireless headphones. I’m the runner at the start of a race untangling her headphone cords with shaking hands and nervous feet. I’m also a Sweaty Betty, so I go through cheap headphones like I go through Gu. I sweat so much that toward the end of my headphones’ life cycle (which could be a month or six months), it sounds like I’m listening to Walk to Moon under the Atlantic. (Side note: “Work This Body” by Walk the Moon is my anthem for this year.)

Set Up

When I opened the Jabra Sport Coach box that came in the mail from Kari Gormley at The Running Lifestyle Show, I sort of rifled through the instructions in a daze. I tend to not read directions (because c’mon already, I’m impatient), but I also knew I needed to know the basics. I gave a sigh of relief when I realized that these headphones are incredibly easy to operate. There’s one simple button to turn them on and off, and you press a plus or minus sign to increase or decrease the volume.


They are also fairly lightweight. I was worried that I would be annoyed with having something on the back of my neck, but I barely notice them. The earbuds have different-sized, rubber-fitted pieces so that you can customize how the buds fit into your ears to a certain degree. I appreciate several different options, because I’m prone to losing those suckers very easily.


The sound quality on this product is phenomenal. When I’m on my home treadmill, I sometimes struggle to hear podcasts even at maximum volume if the speaker is soft spoken. I also have the same problem when I’m road running along a busy street. However, I don’t have any problems with Jabra.

In-Ear Coaching

I have to be honest and say that I’ve only gone on one run using the Jabra app itself that offers in-ear coaching. Maybe the coaching is different for non-running activities, but for running, it simply tells you your pace, distance, etc. audibly, so it’s really no different than the Nike+ app that I normally use. It’s nice to have those stats, and I’ll definitely test the Jabra app out more once the weather gets nicer and I’m running outside more.

Overall, I’m in love with my Jabra earbuds, and I now use them for every single run. I also use them around the house when I’m cleaning or doing other mindless tasks. I love the fact that you can also make or receive phone calls through the earbuds!

Product Review: Pro-Tech Athletics Hollow Core Contoured Foam Roller

AnoIMG_2187ther product in my The Running Lifestyle Show goodie bag happened to be this Pro-Tech Athletics Hollow Core Contoured Foam Roller. I already own the Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller, which I use religiously, so I was curious to see how this product stacked up against my current love.

Both are the same size—5.5″D x 13″L—and both feel the same to me in terms of firmness and cushion. The Pro-Tech Athletics roller costs $37.95, while the Trigger Point roller costs $39.99, so both are similar in price as well. (Although I love finding deals, so I suggest the cheaper of the two!)

I tend to need to foam roll my left hip flexor after each run, since I get chronic hip pain if I don’t. I never really took foam rolling seriously until just before marathon training, when I found that my left hip flexor pain was increasing (since I was increasing my mileage each week). I find that I don’t need to foam roll for that long after each run, but I need to do it consistently if I want the pain to abate. So if you’re a runner, or really any athlete, please do yourself a favor and invest in a good foam roller.

I love the size of this foam roller, because it’s short enough to pack in a duffel bag or to throw in your car without taking up too much space.

And as it happens, I just found a new technique video that I’d like to share here. It requires two foam rollers, so it’s perfect for someone like me who now has two.

I give the Pro-Tech Athletics Hollow Core Contoured Foam Roller two thumbs up!

Note: I was given the Pro-Tech Athletics Hollow Core Contoured Foam Roller to review, so I did not buy the product personally.

Product Review: Sports Suds

IMG_2186When my pal, Kari Gormley, over at The Running Lifestyle Show first sent me a goodie bag that contained Sports Suds, I have to admit that I totally side-eyed the product. It came with a container of powder detergent and another packet of something called Sports Suds Washing Machine Cleaner. I had just gotten home from my first marathon (see my race recap here), and I felt completely overwhelmed with a ton of laundry to do, not to mention having The Angry Toddler’s third birthday party the day after. I didn’t want to dive into something new right away, so I left the two products sitting in my downstairs bathroom/laundry room for a week.

OK, wait, let’s backtrack about a year ago to when I finally considered my small arsenal of running apparel and accessories worthy of something “better” than you run-of-the-mill laundry detergent. I obsessively read enough running Facebook pages and blogs to realize that maybe I should start taking better care of my pricey garb. When I mentioned this to my husband, he also gave me the side eye. What could be that special to warrant paying extra money to wash my extra stinky running stuff?

I thought I’d dip my toes in gently at first, so I bought Tide Plus Febreze Freshener Sport liquid laundry detergent. I used the entire container that I bought, but I didn’t feel that it got my running clothes any cleaner or kept them in any better condition than my previous nondescript laundry detergent.

And although I hate math, I thought I’d crunch some numbers. Tide Sport touts that you can get 36 loads out of 69 ounces (liquid), while Sports Suds claims to get 140 loads out of about 63 ounces (granular solid).  That particular Tide container costs around $16, and Sports Suds rings in at close to $60. That’s a huge price differential, but you can get over three times the amount of washes out of the same volume with Sports Suds versus Tide.

I haven’t tested this theory out fully yet in terms of number of loads per container, since I just started using Sports Suds this month, but I will tell you this. After I got over the initial ick-factor of cleaning my washing machine with a product before use and actually sat down to read the literature on the Sports Suds site, I really warmed up to the product.

According to the site, the washing machine cleaner, “loosens soap scum, mineral deposits, foreign debris and other growth and washes them away. It’s unique fragrance-free formulation cleans effectively and removes odor causing materials at their source without the need to resort to perfume to mask remaining odors.” I inherited my washing machine from an older couple when we bought our house, so I kind of liked the idea of cleaning my machine every once in awhile. What could it hurt, right?

And I have to say, my clothes are softer and have no odor whatsoever, which pleasantly surprised me. I didn’t know what to expect (frankly, I didn’t expect much), and I like knowing that this product is safe for my family to use. The Angry Toddler and I have sensitive skin, so this product really appeals to me for that reason as well.

Want to try this product for yourself? Listeners of The Running Lifestyle Show (TRLS) get 25 percent off by entering code RUNLIFE at checkout on the Sports Suds site. Run over there today to get the stink away!

And if you’re curious about other TRLS Sports Suds reviews, go here.

Note: I was given Sports Suds to review, so I did not buy the product personally.

Race Recap: 2015 Rehoboth Beach Seashore Marathon


As I sit here listening to my Marathon playlist on iTunes, I’m reluctant to even put words down on paper (so to speak) about my first marathon experience. I’ve been putting off writing my marathon race recap, because I frankly don’t want to admit that it’s finally over! I had such an amazing, incredible time at the 2015 Rehoboth Beach Seashore Marathon on December 5.

I strategically—read: stupidly—planned The Angry Toddler’s third birthday party for the day after the marathon, since my mom, her boyfriend, my sister, and my brother-in-law all traveled from out of state to cheer me on at the marathon.

The day before the race, all I could think about was running the marathon. What would post-20 miles feel like? Would I hit the dreaded “wall?” Why the heck do I have to get up so early to go run for five hours? What if for some freak reason I get injured on the course and have to DNF?

I was also wicked excited to see my family, and they all arrived from New Hampshire and Massachusetts around 5 p.m. EST on Friday. We quickly put away the literal pounds of food that my mom always brings with her, chatted for a few minutes, but then Tom (my awesome husband) and I had to quickly run out the door in order to get to packet pick up in time.

We were staying in Ocean City, MD, which is about 45 minutes away from the race start at his family’s condo. We could have just stayed at our house, which is about an hour from the start line, but we don’t have a lot of spare sleeping space, so we thought we’d give it to family. Plus, I honestly wanted to be able to sleep soundly without The Angry Toddler waking up having to use the potty or having a cat butt in my face all night.

We got to packet pick up around 7:30 p.m., which was right near the Cultured Pearl (one of the post-race after party spots),  and I was surprised to see so many people there still, since pickup ended at 8 p.m. They set up a huge tent almost right across from the Rehoboth Beach Running Company, and it was a conveyor-belt feel of getting your bib, getting your free tech t-shirt, and getting your free bag. I think some people were disappointed that the bag didn’t have any free goodies in it, but I didn’t really mind. I was more upset about the bag itself. Last year’s bag was a cinch bag, but this year’s bag was like a reusable grocery shopping bag almost (so things could fall out of it easily). But hey, I can’t complain.

After picking up my stuff, Tom and I went into the nearby Starbucks, since we were freezing and needed something warm to drink. We met a couple from North Carolina. They were both running the full, had seemed to pick this race on a whim, and the woman (hi, Amber!) and I both had similar time goals and nerves.

After chatting for about half an hour, I tried to give Tom “the look” to signal that we really should be going. All I had eaten that day was some peanut butter toast (I know, I know), and I was starving for dinner. I had originally planned to avoid fried foods, just in case my intestines decided to rebel. It was getting so late though, that we decided to grab some French fries from Five Guys and hit the road to Ocean City. Before we got to the condo, we then picked up a large pepperoni pizza from Grotto Pizza. Welp, that fried/greasy food plan went right out the window! We finished eating around 10 p.m., and there was no cable at the condo, so instead of staring at each other intently to see who would blink first (I’d totally win), I decided to lay out my clothes for the marathon. I wore black capris, my PlowOn running jacket, and my lucky neon orange Feetures running socks.

I also made a makeshift sign to put on my back to call out the people I run for—Joey and Jene—as well as The Running Lifestyle Show. And of course I made sure to charge my GPS watch and iPhone, figure out where to fit all of my six Gus, and prepped my headphones and Under Armour running headband.


Around 10:30 p.m. I decided I should probably try to get some sleep (with some urging from friends on Facebook who saw that I was still up). I think I was so tired from not being able to sleep the last few nights, that I fell asleep and stayed asleep until my iPhone alarm went off at 5:15 a.m. I wanted to get out the door by 5:30 a.m. in order to make it to the start line early.

I had planned to meet up with my Smyrna Clayton Running Club group around 6:30 a.m. for a group photo at Santa’s House.



I had also planned to meet up with my friend Chrissy to grab a goodie bag from the fabulous Kari Gormley of The Running Lifestyle Show. I was able to use one of the public restrooms beforehand, get some pictures taken, grab the goodie bag to toss Tom’s way, and position  myself around the 11-minute-mile sign before the race started. It was freezing at the beginning of the race, because it’s right near the boardwalk and ocean. If/when I do the marathon again, or even if I just do the half, I’m definitely bringing throw-away gloves!

The race didn’t start until about 7:05 a.m., which was good for all intents and purposes. Chrissy and I started off together at a moderate 12-minute pace. Chrissy was running her tenth marathon (her third in a month), so she planned to take it nice and easy. My goal was to make it in under five hours, so I knew I needed to keep up an 11:30 pace or faster to meet that goal. Chrissy and I chatted for a few minutes, but we quickly broke off into our respective paces.  Here I am at the start of the race:


In previous half marathons, I always had to remind myself to slow down at the beginning of the race, but this time I fell into a very comfortable 11-minute pace. The first part of the race runs through some residential paved areas, so there wasn’t a whole lot to look at, aside from this:


The first nearly 7 miles were a breeze. I saw the first porta-potty just before Mile 7, so I decided to stop there. There were two people in front of me, and I felt like I waited there for at least three minutes. That doesn’t sound like a long time, but I had my time goal in mind, and I didn’t want to miss it by waiting to use the restroom. Thankfully, the person in front of me was speedy, and I was able to get in and out fairly quickly. While I was waiting, I texted Tom and my sister to let them know where I was.

My course time at 10 miles was 01:52:16 with an 11:14-minute pace. So I knew I was still on track. At one point, we entered Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, DE, which involved trail running, as well as running on a metal bridge structure. In my mind, I kept thinking, “When is this bridge going to end?!” It didn’t hurt to run on at all, but I’m primarily a pavement runner, so it just felt odd to run on. (I apologize for my lack of descriptor; I simply don’t know how else to describe it!)



On my way back (since this section of the marathon was an out and back) along this metal bridge, I chatted with a gentleman who was trying to do fifty marathons in fifty states. He was on his 20+ marathon for that goal, and he seemed surprised to hear that this was my first marathon. He said that I looked really strong, which made me beam. I really did feel strong!

When I hit the halfway mark, I saw the mile marker and had a slight sliver of panic where I thought doing double the distance was impossible, but I knew it was just a mental block that I had to smash. Clearly I’ve run 20 miles before, so I knew I could at least make it that far without dying.

I hit Mile 16 at 10:07 a.m., and my iPhone battery was at 20%. That made me nervous, because I typically don’t run without listening to a podcast or music, so the thought of running nearly 10 miles without audio was scary!

My mom, her boyfriend, my sister, my brother-in-law, and The Angry Toddler were supposed to meet me just after Mile 18, but my sister texted me saying, “We’ll be cutting it close for Mile 18. Fingers crossed!” At that point,  I put my phone into airplane mode to conserve the battery. At Mile 18 I didn’t see my family, so I figured they didn’t make it in time. My sis texted me saying, “Missed you. So sorry!! Parking now. Will see you at the finish, your’e so close!!!” That put a smile on my face, and I wasn’t at all disappointed that they couldn’t make it to Mile 18.

I knew that Tom would be at Mile 21 near Wolfe Neck on the Junction and Breakwater Trail, so I just had to run a few more miles to get to him. When I saw him, the first thing out of my mouth was, “Where’s your sign?!” I knew he and The Angry Toddler had made a sign for me, so I was all excited to see it. He laughed and said that I’d see it at the finish line. Tease! I gave him a quick kiss and a hug and kept on going. He had to hop in the car and drive to the finish line, so I knew he didn’t want to linger, and I knew if I stopped too long, I wouldn’t get going again. Here’s Tom’s sign that I got to see at the finish line:


After that point, my goal was to simply get off the trail. Although I like trail running, parts of the trail were very rocky, so I was nervous that I’d fall.

Around Mile 22 or so I turned on my Marathon playlist, which gave me an extra boost to get to the finish line. It was only 10 songs long, so don’t laugh.

  1. Burn – Ellie Goulding
  2. Blow – Ke$ha
  3. Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon
  4. Work This Body – Walk the Moon
  5. One Foot – Fun.
  6. Hold You – Gyptian
  7. Waves – Mr. Probz
  8. Where are U Now – Skrillex and Diplo (featuring Justin Bieber)
  9. Firework – Katy Perry
  10. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

Once I hit Mile 25, I knew it was a cake walk. I didn’t hit the dreaded “wall” once, and at no point in time did I think to myself, “When is this going to end?!” My right calf was starting to ache a little, and of course my legs were sore, but overall I felt amazing throughout the entire race. And get this—I didn’t get any blisters! Oh, and did I mention that I didn’t eat breakfast that morning, because I hadn’t eaten anything before my long runs during training, so I didn’t want to break the mold.

Overall, this race was very well staffed with volunteers, had water stops at nearly every two miles, and even gave Gu out at two points along the course. Also, I have to say that the crowd excitement and turnout felt much better this year than when I ran the half marathon last year. I always say, “Good job!” or “You can do it!” to other runners along the course as well, because I think that’s very important.

I would highly recommend this race to both half marathoners and marathoners alike. You can get a discount around New Year’s, so I’ll definitely be looking out for the e-mail notification to sign up for 2016!

Here’s the finisher’s medal; I actually think I like it more than last year’s version. Oh, and do you see my Tuvizo running pack behind it? I can’t thank Neon Is My Color enough for the discount code to get mine for free. I use it during every single run now, and it’s so lightweight and easy to access while running. Praise the fanny pack!


I’ve fallen in love with a fanny pack.

FullSizeRender (2)Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve fallen in love with a fanny pack. I’ve officially drifted into mom territory, and I’m afraid there’s no going back.

The other week, I won a discount code for a Tuvizo 2-Go Waist Pack through Neon Is My Color. I honestly wasn’t even sure what I’d do with it, but I was able to get this product for free by using the discount code combined with Amazon Prime.

Literally a few days before I received the Tuvizo, I got a new iPhone 6S Plus. I immediately panicked, because, as any runner would think first, how was I to hold this behemoth while running? I didn’t have an arm band that would hold such a beast.

In comes the Tuvizo! It touts that it holds up to an iPhone 6S, and it holds the 6S Plus as well. I tested it out during my 20-miler that I recently blogged about, and it came in so extremely handy.

Yes, I felt like a major dork wearing that plus my hydration pack, but it made it so that I didn’t have to stop and take gels or chomps out of my pack during my run. It has a handy front mesh pocket that I used to store my empty gel wrappers too.

It didn’t feel too heavy or bulky, and I even wore it to the park with the Angry Toddler over the weekend before I got my iPhone case.

Embrace the fanny pack!