Product Review: Zwift

Disclaimer: I received a Zwift Run Pod to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews! Transformative and genius are two words that come to mind in describing Zwift’s platform and Run Pod technology. Let’s go over a few basics before I dive in to my own experience. WHAT: The Zwift platform packs a plethora of visual routes (jungle, volcano, snowy mountains anyone?!) and is chock full of structured workouts, training plans, and group runs galore. Zwift enables users to interact, … Continue reading Product Review: Zwift

Product Review: Oatmega Protein Bars

I was talking to my fraternal twin sis (didn’t see that one coming, eh?) one or two Friday afternoons ago via GChat (I dislike living so far away!), and we were both saying how we needed to find better snack options during the work day.  Whether out of stress, avoidance, or hunger, I find that I’m always searching for something to munch on around 3 p.m. I also find on weekends that I get incredibly hangry if we’re out and about and I haven’t had something to eat in a few hours. Enter Oatmega bars! When we were at Sam’s … Continue reading Product Review: Oatmega Protein Bars

Product Review: Munk Pack Maple Pear Quinoa

Guys, seriously. How have you not tried Munk Pack oatmeal fruit squeezes yet?! I’ve been keeping this Maple Pear Quinoa pack in my cupboard for a few weeks now, because I wanted to savor it at the exact perfect moment. Y’know, when you’ve just completed a run and you’re so hungry that you could eat your arm, but you’re too tired to lift a finger? That moment actually struck me out of the blue after work yesterday before picking up the Angry Toddler from preschool. The feeling of hunger overtook me, and I didn’t know what to shove in my … Continue reading Product Review: Munk Pack Maple Pear Quinoa

Product Review: HOTSHOT

Courtesy of my IRUN4ULTRA ambassadorship, I was given two bottles of HOTSHOT to test for muscle cramping. The origin story of HOTSHOT is thrilling, but let’s get to what it is first. According to the HOTSHOT site, it is “the proprietary formulation that controls your Neuro Muscular Performance (NMP) and stops muscle cramps where they really start. At the nerve.” The ingredients are as follows: Filtered Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Gum Arabic, Organic Lime Juice Concentrate, Pectin, Sea Salt, Natural Flavor, Organic Stevia Extract, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Capsaicin I like the fact that it’s a fairly small list … Continue reading Product Review: HOTSHOT

Product Review: LaceLocker

I received a pair of LaceLockers® (which retail for $7.95) in my IRUN4ULTRA swag bag the other day and instantly began to sweat and have horrific flashbacks to a similar product that I’ve used before. I had been meaning to take my Lock Laces® (which retail for $7.99) off of my old shoes to put onto my current Brooks, but they were so hard to originally put on that taking them off seemed like a daunting task that I’d rather avoid—oh, hey, is that a pile of laundry that needs folding?! Clearly I’m a weakling when it comes to shutting that darn … Continue reading Product Review: LaceLocker

Product Review: Vega Clean Protein Powder (Chocolate)

I’ve been looking for a fairly inexpensive protein powder for quite some time now. I wanted something that was high in protein, but lower in carbs and sugar. Every single time we went to Target, I dragged my family to the protein powder section to salivate over Vega products. To be honest, the word “clean” caught my eye on the packaging, and the Olly brand seemed to have too many options/gimmicks to me. I asked my trusted registered dietitian, Serena Marie, RD, what she might recommend out of the several options that I sent her, and this seemed to be a … Continue reading Product Review: Vega Clean Protein Powder (Chocolate)

Product Review: Side Stitch by Ginny

Side Stitch by Ginny headbands are my latest obsession. I’m extremely, wicked, over-the-top picky about my running headbands. I used to be a Sweaty Bands junkie, but I found that I had to readjust the headband mid-run constantly. I thought that was really the only option out there (hello? had I heard about the Internet?!), so I just stuck with the brand. I then tried an Under Armour thicker band that works very well, but sometimes it feels a little too overbearing. If I put it over my ears when I’m wearing my amaze Jabra Pulse wireless ear buds, then … Continue reading Product Review: Side Stitch by Ginny