Rutgers Unite Half Marathon: My Eight-Week Training Plan

As I recover from my first 50K ultra marathon (race recap to come!), I find myself itching to put together my next training plan. I’m running the Rutgers Unite Half Marathon on 4/14/19. I’m not pushing for a very fast half marathon per se (I currently have no PR dreams), but I do want to see where I am fitness wise. I found an eight-week intermediate plan online that looks doable. That means I can still recover nicely from my 50K and start this training plan mid-February. I also really like this plan because it provides a really easy key … Continue reading Rutgers Unite Half Marathon: My Eight-Week Training Plan

Race Recap: Monster Mash Half Marathon 10/21/17

I’m going to sum up this half marathon race recap in three phrases—ears of corn, exasperation, and end in sight. I’ve seen a slight trend in signing up for full marathons and then dropping down to the half distance before race day due to lack of training. I’m placing ZERO judgment here—it’s no surprise that I did the same thing for the Monster Mash race in Dover, DE on October 21, 2017. I trained fairly consistently throughout the weeks, since I ran during my lunch breaks, but it was nearly impossible for awhile there to get in my long runs … Continue reading Race Recap: Monster Mash Half Marathon 10/21/17

Race Recap: Delaware Running Festival Half Marathon 5/14/17

I ran the Discover Bank Delaware Marathon Running Festival half marathon on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14, 2017. Oh, where to begin? Let’s sum this weekend up in three words: HILLS, BLOOD, LOVE. I wasn’t one of the lucky 200 participants to sign up for packet pickup the day of the race, so my family and I made a separate trip from Dover, DE to Wilmington, DE (about an hour away) the day before the race to pick up my packet and meet my PlowOn Gum family in person finally! (For those who haven’t tried Plow, I highly suggest reading … Continue reading Race Recap: Delaware Running Festival Half Marathon 5/14/17

C&D Canal Half Marathon 11-7-15

The first C&D Canal Half Marathon in New Castle, DE took place on November 7, 2015. I knew the weather would potentially be very rainy, so I thought leaving our house in Dover at 7 a.m. with toddler in tow for an 8 a.m. race start would be OK. I’m usually overly anxious about leaving for races wicked early, but I was feeling guilty for dragging my family out early on a Saturday morning, so I thought 7 a.m. would be fine. My fabulous husband drove us, and we accidentally just put in “C&D Canal” in our GPS. Whoops, that … Continue reading C&D Canal Half Marathon 11-7-15

Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon

Well, I’ve gone and done it now. I just signed up for the Rehoboth Beach Half on December 6, 2014. It’s the day before the Angry Toddler’s second birthday. I know for some a half is a drop in the bucket, but for me it’s a huge deal. I’m wicked excited, but I’m also scared to death. I’d love your  support along the way! (Can you tell that my Sweaty Band says 13.1?) Now, tell me about two things please—compression socks and Quest bars. Yay or nay? Love ’em or hate ’em? I feel like both are not a necessity, at least … Continue reading Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon