Race Recap: Ryan’s High Five 5K Run/Walk 2018

I attended the third-annual Ryan’s High Five 5K Run/Walk on Sunday, November 11, 2018 to support my amazing friend during her first 5K walk! I have to be totally truthful here and say that I didn’t have very high expectations of this race. I’d never heard of it before, wasn’t concerned about aid stations or post-race food, and had no idea what the elevation of the course looked like. My only goal was to support my friend, go at a comfortable pace, and get in some great one-on-one time. She is the mom of the Mature Kindergartner’s (MK) BFF, so … Continue reading Race Recap: Ryan’s High Five 5K Run/Walk 2018

Race Recap: Monster Mash Full Marathon 10/20/18

It’s time for my three-phrase, post-race summation! For the Monster Mash Marathon on Saturday, October 20, 2018, I’d like to use the following—solitary slog, poop (not my own), and lost Gu. Since hubs had to pick up the Mature Kindergartener (MK) [because really, she’s no longer a toddler, nor angry, and is growing up way too quickly] on Friday from school, my awesome Smyrna Clayton Running Club friend Jenn picked me up to go to packet pick-up around 3:30 p.m. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!) Jenn was running her first half marathon, so I was wicked excited to be … Continue reading Race Recap: Monster Mash Full Marathon 10/20/18

Experience Review: First-Time Yoga

As most runners know, cross-training is key to prevent injuries and keep things fresh. I’ve always been one who knows that but never heeds it. I barely have time to run let alone do something else that I don’t necessarily love as much as running, right?! But when I saw a stellar deal at Tula Yoga & Reiki Professionals, I knew I had to dive in. I’ve never actually taken a group yoga class before, so I was wicked nervous beforehand. I’ve done some at-home yoga videos and the yoga options on SWORKIT, but nothing in person. I signed up … Continue reading Experience Review: First-Time Yoga

Race Recap: Fallen Heroes 5K 2018

I’d like to sum this race up in three words as I’m wont to do: geese, poop, humidity. We’ll get to that in a sec. I know it’s nearly a month later, so I first want to apologize for not writing a race review for the Fallen Heroes 5K from May 24, 2018 until now! To say that work has been crazy is an understatement, and I kind of lost my mojo there for a bit. Oh, and we were at Walt Disney World for a week. That’ll take the oomph right outta ya. Anyway, last year’s race seemed very … Continue reading Race Recap: Fallen Heroes 5K 2018

April 2018 Miles . . . and Boston?

Goodbye, April! I nailed my mileage goal again this month with 80 miles. I’m so ecstatic! I ran two long-er runs (one on-my-own half marathon and a six-miler), but otherwise I ran slow and steady each day. I think that’s part of the reason why I keep going injury free. I love running, and I listen to my body. Speaking of listening . . . throughout this month while running, I’ve listened to the Hamilton soundtrack (duh), the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack, the Running Lifestyle Show podcast, the Marathon Training Academy podcast, the Another Mother Runner podcast, the Tanis podcast, … Continue reading April 2018 Miles . . . and Boston?

Product Review: Oatmega Protein Bars

I was talking to my fraternal twin sis (didn’t see that one coming, eh?) one or two Friday afternoons ago via GChat (I dislike living so far away!), and we were both saying how we needed to find better snack options during the work day.  Whether out of stress, avoidance, or hunger, I find that I’m always searching for something to munch on around 3 p.m. I also find on weekends that I get incredibly hangry if we’re out and about and I haven’t had something to eat in a few hours. Enter Oatmega bars! When we were at Sam’s … Continue reading Product Review: Oatmega Protein Bars

Race Recap: Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay Thin Mint 5K 2018

I’m going to sum this race up in three words: Rain, cold, COOKIES. On Sunday, April 15, 2018, I ran the Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay Thin Mint 5K in Wilmington, DE. I ran this race back in 2014 and had an awesome time! Here’s the race recap if you’re interested. I had been keeping a side-eye on the weather the whole weekend, because I knew it was supposed to rain and come nowhere close to the over-eighty-degree weather of Saturday. The location of the race also eluded me a bit, because the address was listed simply as “Lot E, … Continue reading Race Recap: Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay Thin Mint 5K 2018