But Did You Die?

I’m sure you’ve seen the #butdidyoudie hash tag floating around lately. At first I chuckled at it, like I do most internet memes, but I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot recently, so I’d like to offer a PSA of sorts if I may. Some runners thrive on giving it their all, completely “emptying the tank,” and pushing their limits. I’m not discrediting that mode, and I have a lot of respect for those that do this. I agree that you need to put in the hard work as a runner if you’re going for a PR or perhaps … Continue reading But Did You Die?

Experience Review: First-Time Yoga

As most runners know, cross-training is key to prevent injuries and keep things fresh. I’ve always been one who knows that but never heeds it. I barely have time to run let alone do something else that I don’t necessarily love as much as running, right?! But when I saw a stellar deal at Tula Yoga & Reiki Professionals, I knew I had to dive in. I’ve never actually taken a group yoga class before, so I was wicked nervous beforehand. I’ve done some at-home yoga videos and the yoga options on SWORKIT, but nothing in person. I signed up … Continue reading Experience Review: First-Time Yoga