Marathon Training: Day 49

Now that I’ve finished listening to the latest Black Tapes and Tanis episodes, I needed to find something else to listen to while running. Enter Limetown. I’ve only gotten through one and a half episodes, but so far, I really like it! It actually reminds me a lot of Tanis so far, which is a good start. It’s about more than 300 people who vanish from a town in Tennessee. It’s a seven-part podcast, so it’s very short, and each episode is extremely short, so feel free to recommend other podcasts like this to listen to if you have any ideas! … Continue reading Marathon Training: Day 49

Marathon Training: Days 47 and 48

7Thanks to the encouragement and support of both my husband and some online Facebook friends, I got in a ten miler on Sunday morning! We had taken the Angry Toddler to Hersheypark the night before and got home extremely late, but I convinced myself to slog through the miles. I did not pause my Apple Watch at all, so my pace includes giving a couple from NY directions, walking to eat my Gu or sip some water, and pulling my iPhone out of my hydration pack several times to start a new podcast episode of Tanis. Y’know the old adage, “You … Continue reading Marathon Training: Days 47 and 48

Marathon Training: Day 46

TGIF! Holy cow this marathon is less than two months away.  I guess I should start taking my training more seriously, huh? Yes, I run, but I’m not hitting the mileage that I’m supposed to be hitting, and the only way I’ll do that is by running on weekends. The Angry Toddler starts soccer tomorrow morning, and Saturdays are my morning to get up with her, so it’ll have to be Sundays. I’ve frankly been lazy and opted to sleep instead, but I have to get my rear in gear! Continue reading Marathon Training: Day 46

Marathon Training: Days 44 and 45

Yesterday and today I ran 4 miles on the treadmill during my lunch breaks. I’ve still listening to Tanis and still loving it! I’m so close to my $1K goal toward the Muscular Dystrophy Association! Please donate even just $1 here. Every single dollar helps, and you could send a child who has MS to camp or help fund research toward combating this debilitating disease! Continue reading Marathon Training: Days 44 and 45

Marathon Training: Day 43

Happy Tuesday! It’s always hard getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend. I ran on the treadmill today, because it was 81 out, and I just didn’t feel like running in the full sun. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll venture out, because it is nice to get outside for some fresh air. I’m still listening to the Tanis podcast, and it’s still as amazing as ever! Remember, you can donate to the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Team Momentum here please! I’m less than $200 away from my ultimate $1,000 goal! Continue reading Marathon Training: Day 43

Marathon Training: Day 41

I decided to stay inside today to beat the heat. I also ran earlier than normal, because my motivation is waning already, and it’s barely after mid-day. I’ll end the month of August with 75 miles under my belt, which isn’t horrific. It’s not where I should be in terms of marathon training, but I’m also not trying to beat myself up too much! I don’t have anything else to report, aside from wanting to fit more miles in today but not having enough time. The next two days will need to be rest days because I have other things I need … Continue reading Marathon Training: Day 41

Marathon Training: Day 40

This one was of those runs where I nearly called Tom to pick me up. It was 90 degrees out, and I couldn’t find a shady path to save my life. I was walking a bit at one point, and a guy out on his driveway motioned to me jokingly like, “Hey! Why are you running?!” I yelled out that it was way too hot out, and I almost asked him if he had a hose handy. I brought my Fuel Belt with me, but those two little water bottles just didn’t cut it today. I guess I’ll have to … Continue reading Marathon Training: Day 40

Marathon Training: Day 37

Well, that was hard. At about 80 degrees in the full sun, I felt fried for most of my five miler outside today. I tried to stick to the shady spots, but there weren’t many along my route. I’ve also noticed that since I’ve been doing 99% of my runs on the treadmill this summer, my legs and back are sore after just two days of running outside. That’s crazy! Today is the More in 24 campaign, where Team Momentum is trying to raise as much money as possible in twenty-four hours! I’m trying to hit my $1,000 goal (about … Continue reading Marathon Training: Day 37

Marathon Training: Day 36

Has anyone else started using the Nike Run Club app that has replaced the Nike+ app? I like the new look of the app, but most of what I want to do isn’t working right now. I can’t add a new profile picture, I can’t see my leader board, and I can’t post my activity to the activity stream. I’m sure these are all simple glitches that can be fixed, but they’re all kind of annoying. Today I did something epic: I freakin’ ran OUTSIDE. I haven’t run outside this entire summer. No joke. It felt amazing. Yes, it was … Continue reading Marathon Training: Day 36