Product Review: BUFF® Pack Run Visor

Disclaimer: I received a BUFF® Pack Run Visor to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) at, and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

It is heating up here in Delaware, and I’m not a happy camper. I have very fair skin, and I sweat like a wilder beast (seriously, search that term among my blog posts, you’ll see) so the combination of the two is just uncouth. I’m also not a hat person, so that triad leads to some confusion as to how to keep cool and battle the sun. Or maybe I’m just overheated.

Needless to say, through being a BibRave Pro, I was able to test out the BUFF® Pack Run Visor in Pink Heather. When I run in the summer, I definitely choose visors to shield the sun and soak up the sweat. But they tend to be kind of bulky and make me feel hotter than usual at times.

The BUFF® Pack Run Visor is a visor like none other. When I received it in the mail, I really thought they had forgotten the actual visor in the package. It came in a small, flat package instead of a cardboard box, which I was expecting. I opened the package to this silky, soft, wicked-lightweight product. It’s absolutely amazing. Let me count the ways. It’s made with

  • four-way, ultra-stretch, 95% recycled material (equal to 1 plastic bottle);
  • HeiQ cooling technology;
  • silicone grips;
  • Polygeine® odor control; and
  • comfort-seam bonding technology.

The heathered pink is an incredible color, and I also love the fact that it’s packable. You can fold it, smush it, and bend it, all without it losing its shape. It’s also very easily washable. After most runs, I’ll run cold water over it, wring it out in the sink, and hang it up to air dry.

If you don’t have a good, lightweight visor to use this summer, get this now! If you’re more into running hats, they have a whole line of Pack Run Caps here.

Plus, BUFF® is just an outstanding company. As an engaged partner of UNICEF, BUFF® has committed to donating 2% of their global yearly profits to projects helping combat COVID-19. Check out more information here.

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