Race Recap: The Sweetest 5K Run/Walk in DE ~ 3/9/19

Cold, windy, but delicious would describe this race to a T. I attended the Delaware Technical Community College’s The Sweetest 5K Run/Walk in Delaware on February 9, 2019 in Dover, DE. I’ve been meaning to attend this event for years now, but have always been afraid of the potential weather (it almost always seems to rain or is frigid). I’m so glad I finally took the plunge and ran this race. For whatever reason, I always thought that this race was wicked small, so I didn’t have high expectations on race day. Boy was I wrong!

The first amazing factor was that the race started at 10 a.m. EST. That meant I didn’t have to drag the fam out early! I always feel guilty about that, even though hubs constantly tells me not to worry. Secondly, the race boasted chocolate goodies post-run, so I was all over that. (Their tag line is “everything chocolate!”) Again, I’m not sure why I pictured them giving out huge chocolate bars at the end, but that’s what I had in my mind. What I got instead was a million times better!

The race proceeds also went to a noble cause. According to the website, “This annual event raises funds to benefit Study Abroad scholarships and our on-campus Global Understanding Series. Study Abroad scholarships provide deserving [Delaware Technical Community College] students with the opportunity to learn through immersion about countries and cultures worldwide, and the Global Understanding Series offers learning events on cross-cultural topics.”

Packet pick-up was very simple, although it was tough to wade through the crowds inside the Education Technology Building on campus. We saw a former neighbor, which was a nice surprise, as well as a couple and their children whom we haven’t seen in awhile. I love seeing friendly faces! The race shirts were excellent quality and a really pretty green. (I was thinking we’d get brown shirts because of the chocolate theme?!)

After packet pick-up, we stood inside as long as possible because it was so cold outside. I couldn’t resist a photo op in front of an ice statue outside though, because I’ve never seen one at a race before.

I gave hubs and the Angry Kindergartner (AK) a kiss and a hug before heading over to the starting line. The AK declined the Kids’ Fun Run at 9:50 a.m. EST, even though it was a very short distance. As mentioned in previous race reviews, I never want to force her into running; I want her to find it organically if she so chooses some day. The choice will be completely up to her.

The course itself was relatively flat aside from one slight hill toward the latter part of the course. What made more of an impact was the wind. It was so dang windy! My nose wouldn’t stop running either, which was not attractive.

I ran with my Garmin on for this race, because I wanted to gauge how fast I was going. For the most part, I knew I was running sub-10-minute miles. My legs were so cold though that my turnover wasn’t efficient, so I felt like I was moving in slow motion half the time.

I was gunning for a sub-30, which I think I would have done if it weren’t for the wind. I ended up running a 30:33—so close! I did, however, come in ninth in my age group, which I was happy with. Running a sub-30 is difficult for me, and I have to mentally really be in the zone to do it.

After the race, I tried to call and text hubs, but to no avail. He and the AK ended up playing lacrosse outside with our former neighbor who is a lacrosse coach. I couldn’t be upset at that—I was more worried when I couldn’t find them for a good five minutes after I finished. I finally found them, and we headed inside to scope out the post-race chocolate extravaganza.

They had actual chefs preparing awesome to-go containers of chocolate dipping sauce with fruits, cookies, and other awesome food. I also snagged a cup of the BEST hot chocolate I’ve ever had loaded with marshmallows. Yum! Everything was efficient and high quality.

We didn’t stick around long afterward, but I wish we would have so that we could’ve stayed and chatted with a few friends. I ran into a friend from my running club, and I even ended up bumping into my primary care physician (who’s also a runner) as we were leaving!

I will absolutely be back at this race next year, and I hope to recruit some more of my running club or running friends too!

Run on,

2 thoughts on “Race Recap: The Sweetest 5K Run/Walk in DE ~ 3/9/19

  1. You had me at chocolate! Those post-race eats look incredible I might add!

    I stopped being so far on myself when it comes to pace. I think sometimes I would worry about my finish times to the point where it would ruin the experience. Someone once reminded me that I should enjoy the fact that I “can” run and take it for what it’s worth. I’m not as hard on myself lately, I see it as an opportunity to improve.

    My new mindset is; did I have fun? did I enjoy the run? did I see friends? If any of those questions are a “yes” then it was a good day. Glad you enjoyed your experience and pushed through the elements!

    1. Right?! They were absolutely delicious! I agree 100% except for 5Ks for whatever ridiculous reason. Most races I go into having zero time goals, but for some reason, I can’t let go of the mindset that I should be able to race a 5K in under 30 minutes. It’s not always fun to race my hardest, but it’s nice to push through on certain races to prove to myself that I can still do it! Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

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