But Did You Die?


I’m sure you’ve seen the #butdidyoudie hash tag floating around lately. At first I chuckled at it, like I do most internet memes, but I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot recently, so I’d like to offer a PSA of sorts if I may.

Some runners thrive on giving it their all, completely “emptying the tank,” and pushing their limits. I’m not discrediting that mode, and I have a lot of respect for those that do this. I agree that you need to put in the hard work as a runner if you’re going for a PR or perhaps a new, uncharted distance. 

But as I eluded to in my last post, I personally feel that it’s perfectly acceptable to not push yourself to a crazy limit and instead to actually enjoy your runs.

There’s a certain power in letting go of your high expectations and simply smiling during your run, taking in the scenery, saying hi to a fellow runner, or laughing out loud at a podcast. 

I take this approach during all of my full marathons. I’ve never hit the dreaded wall, injured myself, or felt like I was in massive pain. I don’t think one requirement of running a full marathon has to include pain. I truly don’t! 

Maybe it’s because I’m in the latter portion of my 30s, but I want to enjoy my exercise, not feel like I’m dying. Again—some people enjoy that feeling of exertion. I’m just not of that ilk. And that’s OK! 

I do have some goals for 2019, some of which require dialing into my nutrition more hopefully with Serena Marie, RD, incorporating speed work more hopefully via Run Long Run Strong Endurance Coaching, LLC, and of course increasing the ever-elusive cross-training days via Tula Yoga & Reiki Professionals

I just want runners who are putting too much pressure on themselves or running injured because they think that’s normal to know that’s not the way it has to be! 

What are your personal thoughts? I’d love to hear them! Again, this is just the way I personally approach racing/running, and I completely respect that everyone has their own viewpoints. 

Run on,

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