Race Recap: atTAcK Addiction 5K 2018

I ran the atTAcK Addiction 5K on March 3, 2018, which was a day before my 36th birthday. I love running this race, because typically we have cake and ice cream to celebrate my birthday at my in-laws who live in town afterward, so I have something to look forward to after racing!

Hubs, the Angry Toddler (or the AT, whom will now be known as the Angry Kinder soon), and I plotted to leave the house by no later than 7:15 a.m. that morning, since it takes us about 45 minutes to get to New Castle from where we live. Typically I don’t eat before a race, but I made sure to pack lots of snacks (for the AT) and coffee (for the adults) for the drive. The AT was in happy spirits, and I was just grateful that we got out the door in time! The atTAcK Addiction 5K web site said that all individuals picking up their bibs should do so by 8:30 a.m., which seemed a little early to me. I typically pick up my bib on race day unless it’s for a larger race or a full marathon, so I figured as long as I got there about 15 minutes before the race, I’d be fine.

That morning was frigid. I’d like to think that I’m cut from hearty New England cloth, but man oh man was it cold. I begrudgingly suggested that hubs and the AT stay outside while I ran inside the gym to grab my bib, since the crowd was too large to fight with a stroller. (Side note: We don’t typically use a stroller anymore, but I was concerned with getting to the start line on time, and we parked a few blocks away, so I popped the AT in a stroller so that we could move more quickly. Plus it was so cold that I figured the quicker we got the AT inside, the better.)

The line for runners who had already registered was extremely small, so I got through the bib line in all of two minutes tops. Kudos to the volunteers for their well-oiled machine! Then I went back outside, but I couldn’t find hubs or the AT anywhere. As I stood hugging the side of the building to protect myself from the wind, I oogled at the crowds and teams gathered outside. I’d say around 80 percent of participants were not runners, which really goes to show what a great cause this race is for. Usually only us crazy runners would brave the wind and cold like this!

Here I am at the start of the race—of course I had to represent the awesome PlowOn Gum, and I tried to rep Race Advisors, but it was too cold for just a running headband!


The race started just after 9 a.m., and I tried to situate myself at the very front of the pack. As you all are well aware, I’m not a fast runner, but I knew that since the majority of participants were walkers, that I’d want to get ahead of majority. Before we took off, I heard someone say that the wind would be at our backs most of the time. Spoiler alert: He lied!

Here I am at the start of the race cheesing it up for the photographer:


I don’t normally even wear gloves or a hat for a 5K, but the wind was so brutal that I was wicked grateful to have what I did. I didn’t turn my Nike+ Run Club app on in the #NoWatchMe spirit of Tina Muir, but it felt like I was running in slow motion because I was so cold and the wind was whipping.

I knew the route well, because I’ve raced in New Castle numerous times, and the course brings runners around a residential/historical section called The Strand, through Old New Castle (the downtown area), out toward Battery Park, and along part of the trail in Battery Park.

I kept chugging along at what felt like a slower-than-normal pace, and my SOL Republic Shadow wireless headphones kept flap-flap-flappin’ behind me. They were a gift from hubs one year, and I desperately needed a new pair of headphones then, but I definitely need to get a different model/type—at least for racing. When I wasn’t trying to shield myself from the wind, I was literally holding my headphones with one hand so that they’d stay in place. It was extremely annoying, and if anyone has recommendations for headphones that stay in your ears and don’t have a lot of movement to them, I’m all ears! (Get it?!)

At a little after 2 miles, I hit a mental road block and stopped to walk for about 30 seconds or so. Physically I know I could’ve pushed harder, but once you stop to walk, it’s hard to get going again. I pulled off my gloves and hat, because I was overheating too. I kicked myself afterward for walking because of my chip time. If only I hadn’t walked, I would’ve come in under 29 minutes! But it was neat to come in 18th in my age group!


Hubs and the AT met me at the finish line, as I grabbed a few bottles of water and gave them the usual hugs and kisses. The AT never wants a smooch because, “Mommy, you’re sweaty!”


We went inside the gym to scope out the post-race food, which consisted of delicious soft pretzels, donuts, bananas, and more. I was really impressed with the amount and variety of the selection.

But what I was really looking forward to was my post-race cake!


I would most definitely recommend this race to all, and I’ll surely be back next year!

For more information about the atTAcK Addiction organization, please head over to the Facebook page. And if you’d like to donate to my Team Miles for Smiles group through the Snowdrop Foundation, please go here.

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