Recipe Review: Serena Marie, RD’s Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Serena Marie, RD, has finally found the secret to a good-tasting, well-made pancake trifecta—lower in carbs, high in protein, and gluetn free. I’ve tried different pancake recipes over the years that involve protein powder or Shakeology, and they’re vomit inducing and not toddler approved.

A few weekends ago I felt crafty, so I asked the Angry Toddler if she wanted pancakes for breakfast. She of course said yes, so I set out to gather a few simple ingredients for Serena’s recipe.


I didn’t have any stevia, so I simply went without. I didn’t think it would affect the taste of the pancakes so much, especially since the Angry  Toddler likes to drown hers in pure maple syrup.


I’m always nervous with nontraditional pancake recipes, because they tend to be very watery and don’t make actual solid pancakes.


The recipe says to cook on one side for about a minute before flipping, but I found I had to cook them for a lot longer (at least three minutes) in order for them to solidify and become easy to flip. Yes,  I did burn them slightly, but I’m impatient and had the heat on too high. (Whoops.)


I drizzled mine with a little pure maple syrup, because I didn’t have frozen berries on hand. They were actually delicious, and the Angry Toddler ate all of hers. She has a BS detector when it comes to weird foods that we try to pass off as normal, so these get an A+ in my book! Next time, I’ll definitely add some frozen blueberries or strawberries to the top, because it would make these pancakes even more heavenly!


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