Product Review: LaceLocker


I received a pair of LaceLockers® (which retail for $7.95) in my IRUN4ULTRA swag bag the other day and instantly began to sweat and have horrific flashbacks to a similar product that I’ve used before.

I had been meaning to take my Lock Laces® (which retail for $7.99) off of my old shoes to put onto my current Brooks, but they were so hard to originally put on that taking them off seemed like a daunting task that I’d rather avoid—oh, hey, is that a pile of laundry that needs folding?!

Clearly I’m a weakling when it comes to shutting that darn little plastic clasp on the Lock Laces, so putting my Lock Laces on my shoes was a nightmare. I also reused them on various pairs of shoes (which I’m sure isn’t the intent), so taking them off one pair and putting them on another required some imagination. (Think a knife, a lighter, my husband’s help, and lots of swearing.)

I love the ease of being able to pull my sneakers on and off without re-tieing, and I hate stopping to tie my shoes during a run or race, so I figured I should suck it up and put on my new LackLockers.

The instructions were incredibly easy to follow (with pictures for us visual learners, yay!), and I even enlisted the help of the Angry Toddler at one point, although I really didn’t need help.

LaceLockers are basically Velco-wraps of goodness that envelop your tied shoe laces so they won’t get in your way. It took me all of three seconds to apply to each shoe, and I’m diggin’ the fact that I can remove them with ease and put them on my next pair of shoes. Now there’s some bang for your buck!

I would highly recommend LaceLockers to any runner, and they even come in different varieties that include reflective material and colors!

If that weren’t enough to entice you, did you know that all net proceeds from your LaceLocker purchase provide underprivileged young women the opportunity to attend college? How’s that for a worthy cause!

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