Product Review: Vega Clean Protein Powder (Chocolate)


I’ve been looking for a fairly inexpensive protein powder for quite some time now. I wanted something that was high in protein, but lower in carbs and sugar. Every single time we went to Target, I dragged my family to the protein powder section to salivate over Vega products. To be honest, the word “clean” caught my eye on the packaging, and the Olly brand seemed to have too many options/gimmicks to me.

I asked my trusted registered dietitian, Serena Marie, RD, what she might recommend out of the several options that I sent her, and this seemed to be a good pick. She highly recommends this brand, which I might try in the future.

Vega retails at Target for $34.99 for a 19.5-ounce container, and that was still too pricey for me. However, on Amazon, the same size goes for $24.33, plus right now you can “clip” a 20 percent coupon! I had an Amazon gift card from Christmas, so I got my container for free. Woot woot!

I’ve only tried it once so far—dissolved in cold water—but I’m happy with it! I’ve read some reviews that say it’s too sweet, and it does have a sweet aftertaste, but I’m A-OK with that. It dissolves very easily, and I didn’t find any gritty texture whatsoever.

I’m curious to see what the hubs thinks of it, as I feel like he’d have a more discerning taste that I would. I also want to try it in almond or coconut milk, and I’ll have to update this review if/when I do. So stay tuned!


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