2017 IRUN4ULTRA Worldwide Ambassadors Club


I’m so over-the-moon excited to announce that I’ve been chosen as one of the 2017 IRUN4ULTRA Worldwide Ambassadors! If you’ve never heard of IRUN4ULTRA, it’s an amazing organization that brings awareness for children with ADHD and autism.

According to the IRUN4ULTRA site, “The IRUN4ULTRA AWARENESS CAMPAIGN uses marathon and ultramarathon races to bring attention to causes impacting children worldwide. Ultra marathon running, in particular, beautifully represents that success is possible with dedication and perseverance. It is a compelling way to capture and inform an audience about children causes without utilizing clinical terminology. Hope So Bright uses endurance sports as an analogy to a marathon runner’s experience to showcase the daily struggle of a learning impaired child and his or her family.”

Hope So Bright promotes awareness, collaboration, education, resources and advocacy for ADHD and autistic children, which I think is such a formidable cause! What I love most about this group is that it doesn’t matter if you walk, run, have run a marathon or not—it’s all about staying physically active and creating awareness for this great cause. I’ll definitely be representing IRUN4ULTRA at the following races so far this year:

Angela Ivory Memorial 50K – 1/21/17 at Killen’s Pond State Park in Felton, DE
Punks v. Geezers 5K – 3/5/17 at Lums Pond State Park in DE
Monster Mash Marathon – 10/21/17 in Dover, DE
Rehoboth Beach Marathon – 12/2/17 in Rehoboth, DE

To connect with IRUN4ULTRA via social media, please visit the following:

Facebook Group



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