How did YOU become a running coach?

15621933_10210864788636290_2471374566077666534_nAs we come to a close in 2016, I find myself planning out my races using this amazing planner/journal that I received from two kick-ass co-workers! So far I’ve signed up for the 50K that I mentioned in a previous post, and I’m doing the Monster Mash full in Dover, DE on Oct. 21, 2017, as well as the Rehoboth Beach Marathon on Dec. 2, 2017.

In planning out my races, my mind has wandered to thinking about 2017 goals too. I’m currently looking into become a running coach myself some day, and I’m stumbled upon a few certificate programs that look promising.

Road Runners Club of America
The RRCA offers a Coaching Level I certification course for $325, and it includes an in-person two-day training, plus you need to pass an online exam and be First Aid and CPR trained. The downfall is that most of these in-person trainings are already full. I’m on the waiting list for the New Rochelle, NY location (but I live in Delaware).

UESCA Running Coach Certification
This all-online course is $399, offers twenty-two self-paced modules, an online exam, and requires that you are CPR/AED or lifeguard certified.

I know that USA Track & Field has a program, but I’m not interested in coaching track.

How do you distinguish what program you’ll take to become a running coach?

Happy holidays from the Angry Toddler and fam,





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