Life Goes On

runToday was gloomy, rainy, and all-out sad. I’m trying to look toward the future and stick with my #NoExcusesNovember hash tag, and part of that is to not feel depressed or stuck with what happened last night with the election. I stress ate yesterday, and there really is no excuse for it. Today, I’ve done a much better job, and I got in a much-needed treadmill run and abs challenge day.

Also, I wanted to share a really neat fueling recipe from the fabulous Serena Marie, RD! She blogged about a fueling recipe using sweet potatoes and other ingredients. You can find the recipe here. I don’t have Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, but I hope I can buy it some day soon!

img_6673Aaand I found my last packet of Plow On Gum miraculously in a purse I had put away for the summer. Score! This is my sad face, because I don’t have any more. Remember, if you use code “runbeckyrun” you can receive FREE shipping!


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