Running for Fun

Today I ran for fun. I finished the month out at 54 miles, and I’ll get at least a mile of walking in tonight with the Angry Toddler via trick or treating, so I’m going to call that an overall 55 miles of movement. It’s by far a low-mileage month, but I’m actually OK with that.

I’ve been putting this self-imposed pressure on myself to run a certain number of miles, run faster, eat less, etc., and I’ve lost sight of what running really should be about—FUN!

So today I went on a five-mile run and actually looked up. I looked at the trees, the leaves changing colors and falling, and thought about how the Angry Toddler loves to try and catch falling leaves. It made me smile. I looked at all of the cool Halloween decorations, and I thought about the candy that I’ll most definitely eat.

I know that I’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow in terms of nutrition, but for now, I honestly just want to enjoy it all!

And after reading friends’ experiences at MCM yesterday, I’m so beyond grateful that I didn’t run it. I don’t think I would’ve been mentally or physically prepared for the heat and hills. This got me thinking that in November, I’d like to do a Gratitude Challenge. I like the idea of prompts, because I’m horrible at coming up with things that I’m grateful for on my own.



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