Marathon Training: Day 49

runNow that I’ve finished listening to the latest Black Tapes and Tanis episodes, I needed to find something else to listen to while running. Enter Limetown. I’ve only gotten through one and a half episodes, but so far, I really like it! It actually reminds me a lot of Tanis so far, which is a good start. It’s about more than 300 people who vanish from a town in Tennessee. It’s a seven-part podcast, so it’s very short, and each episode is extremely short, so feel free to recommend other podcasts like this to listen to if you have any ideas!

I ran three miles during my lunch break today. I’m still struggling food-wise, but I did re-install the 21 Day Fix app, I looked at ordering these containers, and I found five dinner recipes and a breakfast overnight oats recipe to try out this upcoming week.

We’re taking the Angry Toddler to Ocean City, MD this weekend as a last little hurrah of summer with the hubs’ cousin and her family, so I don’t anticipate watching what I eat too closely until we get home on Sunday 9/18/16.

As always, if you’d like to donate to Team Momentum and the Muscular Dystrophy Association, please go here.


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