Marathon Training: Day 31

runI got in 4 treadmill miles this afternoon during my lunch break. I also bought a couple of pairs of Feetures! socks that are on sale online for 40% off right now. Woot woot! Now that I’m running more again, I go through clean socks like nobody’s business.

I, sadly, didn’t get in my weekend run (again). I woke up with a head cold on Saturday morning that’s still lingering. I wake up stuff, out of it, and altogether tired. Toward the middle of the day I feel better, but then later in the day I’m dragging tail again. It feels like I need a full weekend to sleep, but we all know that’s not happening with the Angry Toddler!

As always, please remember to take a look at my Team Momentum MDA donation page! I’m still just about $200 short of my goal, so I’d love even $5 donations to inch me toward that total. View my page here:


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