Marathon Training: Days 15 and 16

runYesterday (7/13) I could only squeeze out two treadmill miles. I felt like I had low energy, and I almost felt chilly—yet I was sweating. I listened to my body (as we all should!), and stopped at two.

Today, I felt really good, so I ran four treadmill miles in my new Runner Girls Podcast tech t-shirt! I finished up Episode 107 of the Black Tapes podcast and moved on to Episode 108. I love that the original story of the Torres family makes an appearance again.

I also downloaded the NoSleep podcast, but haven’t listened to it yet. The Black Tapes podcast recommended it, so I thought I’d give it a try sometime soon.

Tomorrow’s a rest day, but if I can, I’d like to do PiYo (no promises). I’m supposed to do nine miles on Sunday morning. That’s the longest I’ve run since my first marathon in December 2015, and that sounds so freakishly weird to me.


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