Marathon Training: Day 13

IMG_4627For Day 13, I thought I’d sport my snazzy Smyrna Clayton Running Club (SCRC) tank top! I’m in love with it! I love the dark blue color, the graphics, plus the fact that it has my last name in it isn’t all that shabby. šŸ˜‰

I was supposed to run five miles on Sunday, but I didn’t do it, so I did three miles on the treadmill during lunch, and I’ll do another two tonight after hubs and I watch some more Flash Season 2.

I’m still listening to the Black Tape podcast, and I’ve finished Episodes 103 and 104, and I’m on to Episode 105 now. The one thing I don’t like, so far, is that they never finish up one story per episode. For example, the story about what seemed to me like the Slender Man from the first two episodes hasn’t come up again yet. It feels like an unsolved mystery to me.

In other news, I’ve been feeling very bad lately for not joining the SCRC on their Saturday morning runs. I’ve also been slacking on my weekend runs, so I probably should just start to go back, right?!

13592171_10209338583162107_103858686620166846_nThis Sunday we went on a paddle boat ride at Lums Pond State Park up north, and it was so much fun! The Angry Toddler loved it and wanted to practically jump in the water. I figured since I run it wouldn’t be so tough, but it was really difficult. Go figure! We got to spend time with some awesome family though, so it was worth all that pedalin’!




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