Marathon Training: Days 9–10

IMG_4548I need to figure out a weekend schedule for running, because we’re always out the door so early to do things on weekends! On Sunday morning I was only able to squeeze in a two-mile treadmill run (while the Angry Toddler yelled, “Run faster!”) at me the entire time.

However, we had a wonderful July 4 holiday weekend that we spent with family and at the beach. I definitely ate and drank way too much, so I’m back at it again today with a three-mile outdoor run during my lunch break. I’m hoping to do PiYo Core once we put the Angry Toddler to bed and have a little TV/relaxing time.

The mileage ramps up this week with 3, 4, 3 during the week and 5 this weekend. I was supposed to do 7 this weekend, but clearly that didn’t happen. I’ll get into the swing of it soon enough.

I’ve also just joined a challenge group with my hubs to lose weight in the next three months. It’s just an informal challenge group that I’ve been a part of for more than a year now, and we decided to restart the challenge and really put a dent in our weight loss. We’ll be taking “before” pics tonight and taking our starting measurements. I’m using Lose It! (app) to track my calories, and of course I’ll write about my workouts on this blog, so stay tuned!


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