Marathon Training: Day 5

Weekends are just so hard to fit runs in for me nowadays! The Angry Toddler woke up late (nearly 9 a.m.!), so I was out the door by around 9:30 a.m. I was supposed to run six miles, but I could only fit in three due to our schedule. It was hot out, and I decided to take my hydration pack with me.

I’m always slower with my hydration pack (I think it’s just more weight to carry), plus I was trying to stick to a lower heart rate outside for once. It’s hard to run in the 145-155 BPM range outside! It’s much easier to control my heart rate while on a treadmill where I can just set a pace and not think about it so much.

I love looking around my neighborhood for animals, interesting people, or different houses that catch my eye. This time, a little chihuahua ran up to me in the middle of the road. I hear its owner calling its name, so I tried to shoo it back toward the yard and out of the road.

I had to finish my run late on the treadmill, since I didn’t have any time during the day. I only got in 1.5 extra miles (instead of 3), because I ate too close to jumping on the treadmill and got horrible side stitches. Ugh, when will I ever learn? 😉


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