Marathon Training: Day 4

IMG_4394Today’s run was brought to you by the words rain, treadmill, and blinds. It’s raining again here in Delaware, so I took to my trusty treadmill. The view is horrendous. I literally looked at the window blinds in front of me for about fifty minutes. I did a four-mile run , although I was slated to only do three miles.

I did four miles because A) I felt good, B) I have to do six miles this weekend, and C) it doesn’t sound right that I go from three to six miles during Week 1 of marathon training. I know that’s what my plan calls for, but I felt like going from four to six miles sounded more reasonable.

I started listening to Another Mother Runner Episode 216: Summer Running Advice. I had just finished up listening to Another Mother Runner Episode 211: Danny Dreyer Talks about Chi Running and Running Meditation, which I thought was interesting, but something I feel like I couldn’t get into personally. When I run, I either think about the podcast I’m listening to or my mind tends to go blank—I’m totally fine with that for now! I’m sure I could focus on one aspect of my running form per run or I could try to practice meditation, but I’d rather practice, y’know, trying not to trip and fall like I’m so prone to do!

On a side note, I’m very bummed about my mileage this month. I’m only up to 26.5 miles so far this month, which is insanely low for me! My saving grace is that my mileage will increase as my training progresses. Do you ever feel that way about your mileage? I know it’s not a contest, but I feel like I’m not officially a runner with such low numbers.



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