Marathon Training: Day 2

IMG_4355It’s miserable outside today. It’s raining, thundering, and downright gross. Thankfully, I have a very old treadmill that a family member gave to me, so I can always use that as an option. It was SO stinkin’ hot in our back room though. I felt like I sweated out my weight in liquids. Good thing I drank a ton of water before working out!

My plan calls for three miles today, and I’m still trying to keep my heart rate down (to 140–150), so I’m much slower than I normally would be. I listened to the Another Mother Runner podcast today (Episode 214) about back-of-the-pack runners, so it was fitting. Overall this was a good run. I hate seeing such a slow pace, but I know that’s what will help my body in the long run. The last thing I want is an injury!

I’m in the market for a new pair of shoes, because the Adidas that took me across my first marathon finish line now hurt my feet. It has something to do with not enough arch support and my wide feet. I may have to switch back to Brooks one of these days! I really want these Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 16 Running Shoes:



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