Arch-a Glad I Asked?

13133291_10208819135416238_8461839249836696734_nGet it? Like “aren’t ya”?! No? Well, OK then. Recently, I’ve been having some very odd arch pain in both of my feet. About two weeks ago, I decided to create a makeshift standing desk, so I attributed it potentially to that. I work from home, so I’ve been standing up in bare feet a lot more than I used to. That sounds feasible, right?

I went to see my trusty Delaware Running Company rep to see if he could help. He was the one who fitted me in my current Adidas Supernova Glide 7s. At the time, I was having some pain on the outsides of my feet, so he thought fitting me in a lower-arch shoe might give me more room width wise. They seemed to work like a charm, they got me through my first marathon, and I didn’t have any problems with them until now.

He suggested running in the Adidas this week to see if I still have arch pain, and if so, I might need to go back to a higher-arched shoe like the Brooks I used before.

I ran Monday and Wednesday of this week, and I still had pain. Today, I thought I’d dig out my very old Adidas to see if they felt any different. I ran three treadmill miles, and VOILA, zero pain.

I have the Delaware Running Festival half marathon on Sunday, May 8, so I think I’ll use my older Adidas for that and then pay a visit to the running store ASAP.

Stay tuned!





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