Product Review: Side Stitch by Ginny

922693_10208325745921809_5620879611073662783_n (1)Side Stitch by Ginny headbands are my latest obsession. I’m extremely, wicked, over-the-top picky about my running headbands. I used to be a Sweaty Bands junkie, but I found that I had to readjust the headband mid-run constantly. I thought that was really the only option out there (hello? had I heard about the Internet?!), so I just stuck with the brand.

I then tried an Under Armour thicker band that works very well, but sometimes it feels a little too overbearing. If I put it over my ears when I’m wearing my amaze Jabra Pulse wireless ear buds, then I feel like I’m in a cave or vice or something.

Then along came Side Stitch by Ginny. I was given two headbands to try through The Running Lifestyle Show  (TRLS) podcast, and I had no idea what they looked like until they arrived in the mail. When I opened the package I literally said out loud, “Oh no! They’re just like Sweaty Bands.” Meh. I was won over by the black-and-white polka dot design and the cute pink color, but I wasn’t sold on the fit yet. I wore the black-and-white polka dot band out shopping that evening, and to my surprise, it really stayed on, even while I was chasing the Angry Toddler around the aisles.

I took it out for a test run the next day, and man, I didn’t have to adjust it once! That’s something huge in my book. I feel like I’m constantly adjusting all the STUFF on me when I’m running, and this is one less thing to worry about.

Also, Ginny has recently made some special TRLS headbands, so I’m going to have to get one of those!

Here’s where to find her:






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