MCM, here I come!

startHi, there! Today I decided to take the plunge and try my hand at another marathon! (All I can hear is Britney Spears’ “Whoops I Did It Again” playing in my head . . . ) 

I decided to join the MDA Team Momentum, because we take the gift of life—of being able to walk, run, jump, play, laugh, talk, and even chew our food—for granted at times. Imagine going from a healthy middle-aged man one month to not being able to breathe on your own a few short months later. That’s the reality of MD for some. 

I’m running in honor of my mom’s friend John who lost his life to MD. I’m running in honor of your son, daughter, wife, mother, and friend—anyone and everyone who has been affected by this disease. 

I have a lofty goal to raise $1,000 toward this cause. Every dollar helps. Every life matters. If you can find it in your heart to donate, please go here

Many thanks,


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