Product Review: Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Earbuds

One of the many products on my must-try list has always been wireless headphones. I’m the runner at the start of a race untangling her headphone cords with shaking hands and nervous feet. I’m also a Sweaty Betty, so I go through cheap headphones like I go through Gu. I sweat so much that toward the end of my headphones’ life cycle (which could be a month or six months), it sounds like I’m listening to Walk to Moon under the Atlantic. (Side note: “Work This Body” by Walk the Moon is my anthem for this year.)

Set Up

When I opened the Jabra Sport Coach box that came in the mail from Kari Gormley at The Running Lifestyle Show, I sort of rifled through the instructions in a daze. I tend to not read directions (because c’mon already, I’m impatient), but I also knew I needed to know the basics. I gave a sigh of relief when I realized that these headphones are incredibly easy to operate. There’s one simple button to turn them on and off, and you press a plus or minus sign to increase or decrease the volume.


They are also fairly lightweight. I was worried that I would be annoyed with having something on the back of my neck, but I barely notice them. The earbuds have different-sized, rubber-fitted pieces so that you can customize how the buds fit into your ears to a certain degree. I appreciate several different options, because I’m prone to losing those suckers very easily.


The sound quality on this product is phenomenal. When I’m on my home treadmill, I sometimes struggle to hear podcasts even at maximum volume if the speaker is soft spoken. I also have the same problem when I’m road running along a busy street. However, I don’t have any problems with Jabra.

In-Ear Coaching

I have to be honest and say that I’ve only gone on one run using the Jabra app itself that offers in-ear coaching. Maybe the coaching is different for non-running activities, but for running, it simply tells you your pace, distance, etc. audibly, so it’s really no different than the Nike+ app that I normally use. It’s nice to have those stats, and I’ll definitely test the Jabra app out more once the weather gets nicer and I’m running outside more.

Overall, I’m in love with my Jabra earbuds, and I now use them for every single run. I also use them around the house when I’m cleaning or doing other mindless tasks. I love the fact that you can also make or receive phone calls through the earbuds!


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