I’ve fallen in love with a fanny pack.

FullSizeRender (2)Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve fallen in love with a fanny pack. I’ve officially drifted into mom territory, and I’m afraid there’s no going back.

The other week, I won a discount code for a Tuvizo 2-Go Waist Pack through Neon Is My Color. I honestly wasn’t even sure what I’d do with it, but I was able to get this product for free by using the discount code combined with Amazon Prime.

Literally a few days before I received the Tuvizo, I got a new iPhone 6S Plus. I immediately panicked, because, as any runner would think first, how was I to hold this behemoth while running? I didn’t have an arm band that would hold such a beast.

In comes the Tuvizo! It touts that it holds up to an iPhone 6S, and it holds the 6S Plus as well. I tested it out during my 20-miler that I recently blogged about, and it came in so extremely handy.

Yes, I felt like a major dork wearing that plus my hydration pack, but it made it so that I didn’t have to stop and take gels or chomps out of my pack during my run. It has a handy front mesh pocket that I used to store my empty gel wrappers too.

It didn’t feel too heavy or bulky, and I even wore it to the park with the Angry Toddler over the weekend before I got my iPhone case.

Embrace the fanny pack!


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