Christmas Wish List 2015

As I continue to train for my marathon in early December, I dream about all of the cool gadgets and products I could use during my long runs. Granted, sometimes it’s better to run “unplugged” so to speak, but I really do love listening to podcasts during my long runs. I’ve come up with a few wish list items if anyone’s feeling generous *wink wink*:

  1. Cases and cases of PlowOn Gum: Seriously, I go through a case in less than a month. I love this stuff. If I could, I’d go on their monthly plan!
  2. Garmin Forerunner 220: I’m tired of my iPhone dying during long training runs.
  3. UA Compression leggings: I’ve never owned a pair of compression leggings, but these ColdGear compression leggings look awesome for long, cold runs!
  4. RedFox wireless EDGE headphones: These puppies state that they are certified water and sweat resistant, which is right up my alley. I sweat like no other, and I’ve ruined countless pairs of headphones because of sweating.
  5. BondiBands: I’m constantly searching for the best headbands that keep sweat from pouring down my face and eyes. I’ve tried SweatyBands, which I like, but I find that they’re not thick enough, and they sometimes slip a bit. I currently use a UA band, which works fairly well, but it’s not quite perfect.
  6. Tales from Another Mother Runner: I’d love to own this book! I listen to Dimity and Sarah on a regular basis, so I’ve really been wanting to pick up this book.
  7. BAMR Tank and Sweaty Band: I’m totally a BAMR (Bad Ass Mother Runner), so this simply rocks!

What’s on your list?




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