Could this be real?

I may have created a running schedule from August through early December. I may have joined an awesome running club. And finally, I may have decided to run a marathon. Whaaaaaat?!

It all began after I signed up for the New Castle, DE C&D Canal Half Marathon that’s in November. I knew I also wanted to sign up for the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon, since I had such an awesome time last year. The course was flat and fast, it’s a mix of pavement and trail running, and I PRed there. The difference money-wise between the half and the full is a mere $20. So I got to thinking—why not just go balls to the wall and do the full? I have exactly 18 weeks until December 5, 2015, so I wrote out a training schedule late last week.

RBRC logo jpeg format

I knew my friend Torie was a long-time member of the Smyrna Clayton Running Club (SCRC), and my friend Lindsey had encouraged me to give it a try. I don’t think I do well with running and talking to friends at the same time, so I was super nervous, but my first run with the group was a success! Torie is about 20 weeks pregnant, so she did a run/walk combo while I ran slowly the whole 3.5-mile run. It was so much fun! Yes, I gasped for breath as I talked, but pshhht, who cares. We had fun, we caught up, and afterward we grabbed coffee and bagels at the Young Bean.

I’ve now since recruited my friend Lauren (who’s training for her third marathon in November for the Philadelphia Marathon) to try out the SCRC as well. Our friend run together (oddly enough, since we’ve been talking about it for over a year!) will be this Saturday. Not only do I get to run with friends, but I also get to check out new, different locations to run.

Last night (August 3, 2015) was my first “official” marathon training run. I did three miles on our old trusty treadmill (thanks, Bert!), and it went well. I typically listen to the Runner Girls Podcast as I run, so that was nice. My lesson learned on this run? Don’t eat Cold Stone ice cream before running. I felt like I was sweating out the calories and a bit sluggish. But hey, my whole motto is going to be getting in the miles and not worrying about my pace.

Here’s to a new journey!


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