One Runner’s Wish List

Yeah, yeah, I’m writing a wish list in June. A girl can dream, right?!

Sometimes I just like to browse sites or running mags for items that I’d like to one day own. Do you have your own wish list? If so, I’d love to hear what’s on it!

Here’s mine:

1.) Bula Headwear:

My friend, Kate, from Mama Needs a Run showed me her Bula tube when we ran the Wolf Hollow Half in November 2014, and I fell in love! You can fold it in several different ways to make it a neck warmer, a headband, an ear warmer, etc.

2.) Boulder Bands: I’ve seen many folks, like Misty from Misty Runs NJ on Facebook, using Boulder Bands. While I adore my Sweaty Bands, sometimes I feel like I just need a thicker band, y’know?

3.) Road ID: Don’t shun me for not having one of these babies yet! Road ID products are really essential to have, especially if you run alone like I do. As I learned from the Runner Girls Podcast, they have some pretty nifty accessories too!

4.) Brooks Launch 2: Check out the Runner’s World women’s review! I’ve always run in Brooks, so it would be nice to get a snazzy new pair in the near future.

5.) Personalized IRUN4 merch: I run for two amazing people—Joey, my IRUN4 sibling who suffers massive migraines, and Jene, my IRUN4 Buddy who was in a near-fatal car accident and still suffers great pain. I’d love to get a tech t-shirt, a headband, or something else I could wear daily and during my races for them!


2 thoughts on “One Runner’s Wish List

  1. You should make your own I run 4 shirt. You can so long as you don’t sell them! has great ladies cut v neck tech shirts that I love(!!!!) for $5.49! It could be your cheapest wish list item!

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