Early Morning Running + PlowOn Gum = #Plowerful

008Do you ever have one of those nights where you simply can’t sleep? You toss, turn, and count the hours until your alarm will go off? The last two nights have been like this for me, because the Angry Toddler is teething (maybe? molars? Elmo didn’t propose to her?) and has been up all night screaming her pretty little head off.

Normally, my bleary-eyed self would reset the alarm from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. in a heartbeat, but I had promised myself and another running buddy (Hi, Lauren from Finish Line Runner!) that I would put the smack down and get my butt in gear this week.

It’s getting increasingly hotter in Delaware now, and I’ve started to dread my lunchtime runs because of the heat and humidity. Running early in the morning solves that problem, plus then I have my lunch break to do other fun things, such as nap or sunbathe in my backyard. (Score!)

I had four miles on my schedule for this morning, so I got dressed, popped a piece of PlowOn Gum in my mouth while I got my gear together (bonus: minty-fresh breath), and ran out the door before I could convince myself that my bed was calling me back to its fluffy goodness.

I not only ran five miles instead of four but I also quickened my pace a bit. Thank you, PlowOn Gum!


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