Delaware Marathon Eight-Person Relay Recap and More

I’m finally getting around to chatting about the Delaware Marathon eight-person relay that I participated in on Mother’s Day 2014.

I had to leave the house (with my fiance and the Angry Toddler in tow) around 7 a.m. to find my group (Mixed Company Bib #1530) by 8:30 a.m. in Wilmington, DE. We met just inside the park where the relay runners started and ended the relay, so we had a fairly good view of things. I was Runner #7, so I had plenty of time to kill before my leg. Another couple we know brought their toddler too, so the Toddles played together in the shade under a tree while the adults talked.

I’ve never participated in a relay race before, so I was nervous. Did they use a baton? What if I didn’t see my team mate that was passing off to me? What if I let everyone down and ran slower than usual? I admit, I was very nervous. But the overall atmosphere of the race was upbeat and friendly, so that helped keep my mind at bay.

It was starting to get very hot and sunny, and I assured myself that this was a FUN race and that it didn’t matter what my individual time was—we were a team. The baton turned out to be a clip-on belt instead, so then of course I thought geez, what if I can’t clip the darn thing on gracefully all while starting my Nike+ and starting my leg of the race off swiftly?! I managed to get everything together though. Along the course, I saw a nice mix of half marathoners, one or two marathoners, and many relay runners. I even ran past John Shultz, who is absolutely AMAZING.

They didn’t have individual chip times for relay runners, which I didn’t know until after the race was over, which in hindsight I’m glad that I didn’t know it! I ran to Ellie Goulding’s “Burn” on repeat and managed to keep what I thought was a good pace. I knew there was one hill on the course, which I managed to turtle-in-peanut-butter-run up without walking. As I came through the area where I was to pass off the “baton” to my friend Melissa, I started to freak out because I didn’t see her! They all thought that I’d come in around 33 minutes or so, but I came in around 30 or 31 minutes, so she had just started to make her way to the transfer area!

Overall, our team ROCKED it, and I’d gladly do this again next year, unless I’m running the half or full!

In other news . . . there was this amazing community event called Shine On Mother Runner, from May 11 through May 18. Even though this event is technically over, I still wanted to share this with you, because the page has some awesome resources and inspirational quotes. The Facebook Event page has all of the details, but here’s one awesome tidbit—the Declaration to Shine!

10353467_883630614999931_8023423222853803419_o (1) Relay4 Relay7


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