Race Recap: 4/13/14 Thin Mint 5K

Happy Tuesday! I’m finally getting around to updating y’all about the Thin Mint 5K in Wilmington, DE this past Sunday, April 13.

The race started at 10 a.m. EST, and it was my weekend morning to “sleep in”, so I got up around 8:15 a.m. Tom and I alternate who has to get up with the Angry Toddler on weekends, so that both of us can sleep in a little bit. We made a pack to not sleep in later than 10 a.m. though, so that we could help each other out with morning duties.

We loaded everything into the car (because when you travel even 40 minutes with a toddler, you have to pack the world), and headed out around 8:50 a.m. We live in Dover, which is a good 40 minutes from the race location on the waterfront in Wilmington. I love when Tom and the Angry Toddler come to races with me, because I get to see their smiley faces somewhere either along the course or at the finish line. It means the world to me to have that support.

The bathroom situation at the race location was not planned well, as there were two port-a-potties way off in the distance and then just one real restroom. So I stood in line to use the bathroom around ten minutes before the race. Thankfully, no race actually begins on time, so I still had time to get to the starting line.

One woman asked me if we had shoe chips for the race timing, so I told her that the chip was in the actual race bib. I like chatting with people before races, because I’m by myself a lot (unless I’m with Suz, my trusty Weight Watcher Leader Coach). I also try to run behind certain people in races. This time, I was behind a woman who turned out to be part of a group of Weight Watchers that a fellow Leader friend, Charmaine, was with. Small world!

The race itself was very flat except for one tiny hill. Part of it was also on wooden planks, which was a new surface for me!

At Mile 3, I really should’ve pushed myself, because I was shocked to see the finish line at the number 30 on the board! I earned a new PR of 30:16 for this 5K! That was my goal going into this race, and I really, really surprised myself. I could have easily come in under 30 minutes if I had pushed harder. So I guess there’s my next goal!


Walking with the Angry Toddler to the race site.

I now always run with my Fuel Belt (and HipS-sister under my Swirlgear shirt) regardless of run length so that I get used to the weight/feel of it.


There was a great crowd!


I love my personal photographer, Tom. 🙂

019Here we are after the race, walking to the car. A new PR in the books!


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: 4/13/14 Thin Mint 5K

  1. Thank you so much! No, most 5Ks around here don’t allow strollers unless you’re a walker. But she will walk with us for the March for Babies Walk on 4/27 and the Run or Dye in July! The yellow top is by Swirlgear. I love all of their stuff!

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