Hey, everyone! Happy Wednesday! It’s #pinkwednesday, so I tried to get a shot of the pink on my sports bra. (Yes, I have nasty stretch marks. I am human.) This is me as a sweaty mess after my 4.2-mile run during my lunch break.

I kept having to restart the Runner Girls Podcast that I was listening to, because a button on my iPod Nano would accidentally get hit inside of my HipS-sister. I finally realized that if I turned the darn thing around inside the pouch, it wouldn’t happen as much. So I think that’s why my pace was so slow. I don’t want any of these mishaps during my half in December, so I’m glad I’m working out the kinks now!

I ran my usual route, and two people actually beeped and waved at me—hah! That has never happened to me before. They probably thought I needed help, because I was so sweaty and red-faced. Tee hee.

The last two runs that I’ve had (including today’s) haven’t felt motivated at all. I’m not sure what it is, because I had such an awesome long run on Sunday. I know I’ll get my mojo back. I think I’m focusing too much on my slow pace versus the mileage.

I also have been frustrated with my weight plateau, so as of yesterday I’ve started not consuming all of the calories that I’ve burned from running.

I need to lose about 7 pounds to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I also desperately need to tone my stomach and arms in time for my October wedding. Any suggestions?



2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Do you track your food and exercise anywhere? I use my fitbit for both and it’s really been help for me. I’ve lost almost 20 pounds since November when I started tracking.

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