Product Review: HipS-sister

I had the awesome opportunity to try out the Left Coast pink hipS-sister on my long run yesterday. I actually wore it sort of underneath my Wachusett Fuel Belt (not pictured here), but it was still very comfortable and not bulky. I didn’t have a ton to carry with me, so I put one Gu in the back zippered pocket and one Gu, a map that I drew on a sticky note (see below), and my iPod Nano in the front pocket. I kept my cell phone in the Fuel Belt pocket, along with my house key, because I knew I probably wouldn’t need to grab those.


At first I felt a little silly actually getting the hipS-sister on. I stepped into it and pulled it up to my waist. I guess there’s no other way to put it on though, right? Am I missing something?

I was also hesitant about how it would actually stay on my waist. I wonder if over time it stretches out so much that you need to order a new one? I found that it fit nicely and stayed on well. I didn’t have to tug or adjust it at all! (Which is key for me, because I’m a klutz and fall easily; the last thing I need is for a wardrobe malfunction to make me fall.)

I loved being able to put my iPod Nano in the front pocket for easy access. I have a wrist band holder that I normally wear, but I can already tell that that might get too hot in the summer.

I think my hipS-sister is a keeper! I can’t wait to try it out for other things like quick trips to the mall or on my honeymoon in Disney in October!




9 thoughts on “Product Review: HipS-sister

  1. Oh I really like that! I desperately need to purchase something ASAP to wear for my half marathon coming up. I haven’t found a belt I like but I feel like something along these lines would work for me!

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by this product! It has a ton of space to fit a phone, energy gels, keys, etc. I thought it might feel too bulky since the band of material seemed thick to me, but I didn’t notice it at all while I was running.

  2. I am always buying things for this purpose and usually not liking it. I might give this a try and looks nice! Is it easy to get things out while running? Yesterday I was doing a half marathon and found it hard to get to my jelly beans and GU while running. It becomes an ordeal and I do not like ordeals on my runs!

    1. It’s super easy! I love the fact that it has zippered pockets. It’s easy to just grab the zipper, reach in, and go. I actually left the front zipper open a tiny bit so that I could grab my iPod Nano from time to time to see my time/pace. The pockets are so deep that nothing else fell out.

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