Product Review: CryoMAX Cold Pack

Can I just stop for a minute and sing the praises of the CryoMAX cold pack? Tom picked one up for me the other day, since I knew my runner’s knee in my left knee was getting worse. I don’t feel the pain particularly during a run, but after a run it’s fairly bad.

I usually use this at night while we’re watching TV after the Angry Toddler has gone to bed. I’ve also started using it at my desk at work. (I work from home.) It’s very cold, but not cold enough where I have to remove it after a few minutes. I like that there are large beads inside the pack so that the pack is evenly distributed across the surface of your skin. I feel like some packs that have gel in them tend to lump to one side after a while.

004 005


I love the fact that I can get up and move around with the pack still on. I drink a lot of water and have to go to the bathroom a lot, so this is perfect!

Today I started my month off by running 5.4 miles, which is 1.4 more miles than planned, but that’s OK! My goal is to hit 85+ miles in April. I got 66 miles in March, and I know I can squeeze in more thing month!


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