No-Bake Energy Bites and Some New Swag

Saturday morning, I was supposed to meet the Downstate Striders & Riders group to run at 8 a.m. at Some Guy’s Bagels in Dover, DE. The Web site says that the group leaves promptly at 8 a.m., so I was there at 7:55 a.m. I figured it would give me just enough time to wait inside of the bagel shop, since it was pouring rain. I thought that not many would come due to the weather, but the site says rain or shine, so I thought that someone would show up. I waited around until 8:05 a.m., and then asked the counter people if they knew about the group. They said that they saw a group awhile ago stretching outside, so I suppose it could’ve been the group I was looking for. Overall, I’m just disappointed that I didn’t get to do a long run today with a group. But hey, there’s always next Saturday! I messaged the group via Facebook to ask how early I should be there next Saturday, so hopefully they’ll reply.

On Saturday evening before dinner, I made the no-bake energy bites that I mentioned on my Facebook page. Here’s the recipe. I used flax seed instead of wheat germ, and I didn’t use coconut flakes, but I did throw in some chocolate chunks that I had left over from a previous recipe. I didn’t have any chia seeds on hand, but I’d love to try them the next time I make these!

Overall, they’re wicked easy to make. They take no time at all! I did forget that they were sitting in the fridge (before you roll them into balls), but that didn’t seem to affect the recipe at all.

013 014I also got my Run for Vets Virtual 5K medal in the mail. I’m so excited! While out running errands, I also stopped by a Vitamin Shoppe to pick up some Quest Bars and Gu (my first time for both). I can’t wait to try Gu on my long run tomorrow.

You might notice the CryoMAX cold pack in the picture below. I’ve recently been feeling runner’s knee in my left knee, so Tom picked this cold pack up the other day. I’m in love with it! I highly recommend it. It has a strap that goes around your knee, so that I can even get up to pee (tee hee) without it slipping off. Score!




2 thoughts on “No-Bake Energy Bites and Some New Swag

  1. I LOVE those no bake energy bites, a lady I work with made them and brought them in for us to try, I am obsessed. I hope you like the Gu and QuestBars, I couldn’t get into either. My favorite thing to replenish with during runs is Jelly Belly Sports Beans, they taste awesome or Clif Bars Shot Blocks, basically just like a gummy vitamin! I thought the QuestBars were so tasteless, I know so many people that love them and I try so hard to find a protein bar that I like but alas, I just can’t ;).

  2. Aren’t they delicious?! I really liked the Gu (vanilla), but I’m not 100% sure if it helped me during my run. I’ll definitely try it again on my long runs to see if I notice a difference.

    I’m meh on the Quest Bars, to be honest. I so wanted to like them, but they are quite chewy/tough. Now, Jelly Belly Sports Beans sound right up my alley! Thanks for the recommend!

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