Caesar Rodney 5K/Weeks 3–4 Check In

This weekend feels like such a whirlwind! My mom, her boyfriend Charlie, and Tom’s nephew Damon all stayed at our house Friday and Saturday nights. I’m not used to having so many guests at once, so it was a new experience for me!

On Friday afternoon, I managed to get a very short 2.5 miles in during my lunch break while my mom walked around with the Angry Toddler. At the end of my run, we took Delaney out of the stroller and walked on the sidewalk with her for a bit (because she LOVES to walk/run). Of course that resulted in a face plant because of the uneven pavement. Ugh. My heart sinks every time she falls. I know she’s a toddler, and it’s bound to happen, but yikes. Thankfully she just has a slight bruise on her forehead and a small scrape on her knee.

Saturday we went to Ocean City, MD to walk along the boardwalk and walk in the sand. Delaney had never really played in the sand before, so this was such an amazing moment as a mother for me. We walked for at least two hours up and down the boardwalk, but it killed me not to get a run in on such a nice day!


Sunday was the Caesar Rodney 5K and half marathon. The 5K started at 8:15 a.m., and I had planned to leave the house by 6:30 a.m., since it takes me at least 40 minutes to get from Dover to Wilmington, DE. I guess had is the operative word there, because my alarm didn’t go off. I always forget that it’s set for week days and not weekend days. D’oh. So I woke up in a tizzy and basically ran out of the house.

Now, even though I’ve lived in Wilmington previously, I’m not that familiar with the downtown area. I was totally winging it in terms of parking, hoping that I would miraculously see some empty parking garage or lot. I did find one around 8 a.m. (yikkkesss), grabbed my stuff, and latched on to a fellow runner (thank you!) who was headed to the race. (Since I really didn’t know where to walk from the car to get to the race.)

I was supposed to meet my former Weight Watchers Leader Coach, Suzanne, at 10th and Market Streets, but I didn’t see her at all. She had picked up my bib and t-shirt the day before, so I went to the Help Desk to ask for a new bib in case I couldn’t find Suz. Thankfully everyone at the Caesar Rodney 5K and half marathon is so nice and accommodating! One volunteer whipped up a new bib in no time, and I headed to the starting line. I still didn’t see Suz, but figured I would see her at the finish line if need be. I saw my friend Chrissy (an amazing Marathon Maniac), and she pointed me in Suz’s direction. PHEW. I always love running with Suz, so I was so glad to find her. She was recovering from a chest cold, so we decided that if I needed to go ahead of her, I would.

I hadn’t run this course before, and before I found Suz, a fellow runner warned me of the hill at the end. (Boy am I glad she did.) There was one hill before the larger hill, but I didn’t mind it, because going back down it felt like half the course length to me.

I’m not going to lie. The hill at the end wasn’t pretty. But I did run (turtle jog?) the entire thing, and I ended up with a new personal record (PR) of 33:14!


After the race, Suz volunteered to drive me back to my car, because it was still very cold and windy out. She had some time to kill before volunteering at the half, and I really appreciated the lift. Now came the fun part.

I couldn’t remember where I parked my car! *face palm* I knew it was 9th and . . . um, something? So we drove up and down 9th Street, to no avail. We did this for at least 20 minutes, but it was getting close to 10 o’clock, and Suz needed to be at her post.

I told her to drop me off on 9th, and I’d eventually find my car. Thankfully I had my cell phone with me, and I told her I’d call her once I found my car. After about 10 minutes of walking in the freezing cold, not-so-lovely section of Wilmington, I decided to call Tom. It’s not like he could do too much to help me, since even though he had another vehicle to use, he had no car seat, and he couldn’t leave the Angry Toddler alone with his eleven-year-old nephew. Thankfully, my mom and Charlie offered to pick me up at the Wilmington Sheraton where I was camped out in their lobby for warmth, and then we’d try to find my car again. I even called the non-emergency police line to give them my car information and contact number in case they spotted it. (Did I mention that I ate four Soy Joy bars in the lobby that were free samples from the race? Emotional eating much?)

After about 10 minutes of driving around, we finally found my car. I’ve never been so happy in my life!

Note to self: Even if you’re frazzled, always remember where you parked before a race!

Finally, in a quick recap for my Just Be Journey #justbejourney, overall I think I’ve done very well. I’ve consistently kept to my running schedule and have for the most part eaten healthfully. Yes, I treat myself every now and then, but on Saturday I was at an all-time low since having the Angry Toddler of 134.3 pounds! The scale says I’m back up again today, but that could be from the frozen yogurt I indulged in while watching the Walking Dead last night.


4 thoughts on “Caesar Rodney 5K/Weeks 3–4 Check In

  1. That hill is a cruel one. Some long time ago, some crazy runner must have looked at it and said, “Hey, that would be perfect to put near the end of a race.”

    1. Isn’t it?! It’s not that it’s that steep of a hill, but it’s *just* enough to make it tough. My goal was to simply get up it while still running, even if I felt like I was running the slowest I’ve ever run!

  2. I have had those hectic runs too! Last year we had a half marathon downtown St. Louis and had to be 7:00am when the first wave of runners started. I was trying to find a shortcut for Kevin and there was a detour that took us over the bridge to downtown East St. Louis! I was stressing and rocking back and forth in my seat. It was my fault but I blamed him! My heart rate was already race level when we started! lol It was a great run and it even relieved my stress until mile 10 and the stress started again! Glad you found your car. I’ve done that too but for other reasons that I won’t mention! lol

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