Nathan Wrist Runner 2 Review

Today I used my new Nathan Wrist Runner 2 on my 4.9-mile run outside in the rain. The first thing I said to myself when I put it on is that I must have some thick (notice I’m avoiding the F word?) wrists. Yes, the Wrist Runner 2 is a bit stretchy, and I don’t have dainty wrists by any means, but sheesh.


I only put my house key in it today, just to see how that would stay in place, since there’s no zipper or closure of any kind on the Wrist Runner 2 except a flap that you fold over.


It definitely held my key, and at no point during my run did I even think that the key would come out. Next time, I want to see how well my driver’s license, my key, and some cash fit together.

What do you use to hold your belongings during a run? I don’t like to be bogged down with a ton, so the Wrist Runner 2 is a nice option if you only have a few, slim items to carry.


2 thoughts on “Nathan Wrist Runner 2 Review

  1. I have a Hips sister that looks like a wide waist band of your pants. It has a couple zip pockets and it is great you don’t even feel it on but it holds a phone (mine is huge) and keys, money, ID. I wouldn’t like the Nathan you tried because I find anything besides my garmin bothers my wrist when I run. I have moved my Road ID to my shoe.

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