Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! I hope you rocked your races this weekend. I had too much going on with the Angry Toddler to race this weekend, but I did get in a good six-mile run outside on Sunday. I was not in the mood at first, because I had gone out to brunch that morning, visited Tom’s parents, then came forty minutes home (read: I was exhausted), but I knew I just had to get it in. Mentally I had planned to do six, but as I started, I really was just glad that I got out at all. It was about forty-one degrees out and very windy. I don’t have any cold-weather running gear, so I grabbed a vest to put over my long-sleeved shirt.

Apparently, I’m also “that lady who falls a lot.” This has only happened twice since I started running outside again, but it’s wicked embarrassing. I’m usually running along, deep in thought thinking, “Man, I’m kind of mindlessly running. I don’t feel any pain, I haven’t tripped on any uneven sidewalks yet . . . ” and then BAM. I go down. It never fails that there’s some kind soul on the other side of the street who sees me too and asks if I’m OK. I’m grateful for them, but I also feel like a loon. Who falls this much?! Please tell me I’m not alone!

Happy running today! I have to get my miles in on the treadmill, since we got five to six inches of light, fluffy snow here in Delaware. The treadmill is better than nothing, right?!


2 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  1. I remember the first time I fell running and I didn’t even trip! I think I didn’t pick my foot up enough and I hit the concrete. It banged up both my knees, hurt my hand and killed my pride. You know, that’s been years ago and I think of that fall every time I pass that place where I fell. 🙂

  2. YES, Charlotte, that’s exactly what I think I do! When I get tired, I get lazy, so I don’t lift my feet up as much as I should. I just need to be more careful and remember that. I’m a clutz to begin with, so pair that with uneven sidewalks galore and twigs on the ground everywhere, I’m bound to hit the pavement one or two more times haha. Thanks for sharing your story!

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