Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon

Well, I’ve gone and done it now. I just signed up for the Rehoboth Beach Half on December 6, 2014. It’s the day before the Angry Toddler’s second birthday. I know for some a half is a drop in the bucket, but for me it’s a huge deal. I’m wicked excited, but I’m also scared to death. I’d love your  support along the way! (Can you tell that my Sweaty Band says 13.1?)


Now, tell me about two things please—compression socks and Quest bars. Yay or nay? Love ’em or hate ’em? I feel like both are not a necessity, at least for a small-timer like myself, but I want to learn more about them.

With the Quest bars, I don’t think I’m running enough miles to eat something like this necessarily. I don’t need to add extra calories to my day, since I’m still trying to lose the baby weight.

I love the funky colors and styles that compression socks come in, but for someone who’s running so few miles a week, are they a must-have item?


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