A Question for My C-Section Mamas

This is a very odd question, but who better to pose it to than to the entire Internet, right?!

To anyone who has had a c-section, have you ever had pain in the incision area while running? My daughter is fifteen months old now, so my c-section scar isn’t new anymore.

The pain eventually goes away during my run, and it only happens once in a while, but it kind of baffles me. Any thoughts? I see my OB tomorrow, so I’ll ask him then.

Today I ran 4 miles OUTSIDE with a pace of 12:47. It was gorgeous out, and I loved every minute of it. My only wish is that I had some sort of trails to run in my area. I used to live near a park, so it was nice to run there along water. Now it’s just residential areas and sidewalks for me.

I really think that my Nike+ runs differently when I’m on the treadmill versus outside. When I’m on the treadmill, my pace is around a 13-minute mile, but the last two times I’ve run outside, my pace is around a 12-minute mile.

001My Facebook page, Run Becky Run, hit 50 likes today! Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement!


4 thoughts on “A Question for My C-Section Mamas

  1. I’m convinced that I hold myself back when I run on a treadmill. To be honest, the ground is moving for us, and we mistakenly ‘believe’ we’re only capable of a specific speed and stick to it. But when we go outside, we cut loose and find we’re capable of more that new thought! So it’s no surprise that you’re a bit faster outside….that’s certainly been my experience!

  2. I can’t speak for c-section scars but 3 months ago I had a lower body lift + arm lift 🙂 and the lower incision goes all round my body at public and butt area and yes…it hurts. I can wear compression gear to help but the scar is healed but very tender. That pressure of running causes some pain if I don’t wear compression or tight running pants. Of course mine is only 3 months old but I can imagine I may feel that running for a while.

  3. Thanks for sharing your story, Charlotte! I asked my OB today, and he agreed that the pain is normal as long as it’s from time to time and not constant. I never thought about wearing compression gear before! I do wear fairly tight running pants, but maybe I need to look into something that’s actually marketed as “compression.”

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