Week 2 Check In

This week on my #justbejourney with Daisy & June, I ran my first official 5K race. I did it in 36:55, which for not running for well over a month before I just recently began again is really good for me! My pace was 12:12 per mile, which was a vast improvement over my most recent runs.

I ran with my former Weight Watchers Leader Coach, who is a dear friend to me. Before the race I was very nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with her (because she runs much longer distances than I do and has been at this longer) and that I wouldn’t be able to run and talk at the same time.

Well, guess what? I did BOTH. Woot woot! I really amazed myself. I had fun the entire time, didn’t feel like I was struggling at all, and finished well before I thought I would.

Afterward on Saturday, Tom (my fiance), Delaney (my 15-month-old daughter), and I went shopping. I was originally looking for some new shoes, but I came away with a magazine, a book, and some new Feetures socks instead.


Have any of you ever read Run Like a Mother? I was looking for something light-hearted and quick to read.

I hope y’all had a fun weekend!


6 thoughts on “Week 2 Check In

      1. @ Charlotte 😉 The first 5K is a great experience indeed.
        @ Becky thanks for following my blog! I see that you are a runner also. You are doing great.
        I am getting back into it after being injured. I have spent the first months of 2014 doing workouts to strengthen my body. This week will be my “first” run again. Bit nervous, hope it will work out. I have been asked to participate in a Muddy Mates run next month. That one will be tough.

        Tried to find an about RunBeckyRun page, but I could not find one. Think it does not exist.

  1. Thanks so much! My goal is to do a 4-mile run outside, since it’s supposed to be in the 60s today! (And then it’s supposed to drop to the 30s tomorrow. Yikes.)

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