Jibber Jabber: Running and Talking

Someone please tell me the secret to running and talking at the same time. I’ve clearly not mastered it yet. I’ve never really ran with a group before, and even when I run with just one person, I can barely get out my words, and I’m not even running fast! Is it that I need to slow down my pace and regulate my breathing better? I know I must be doing something wrong. (Note: If I slow down any more, I’d literally be walking.)

Also, I have a love/hate relationship with rest days. Today is a rest day, because I don’t want my left foot blister to get worse, but I also don’t want to lose any momentum with my running. I’m notorious of going in spurts with exercise, so I don’t want to love my mojo!

What do you do on your rest days? Do you take a full rest day with no exercise at all? Or do you do something else that’s not really leg or running related?

I want to leave you with this awesome picture/quote that I saw today on Run Nerds Rock Facebook page.



6 thoughts on “Jibber Jabber: Running and Talking

  1. Some days I do nothing, but after being sick with flu/bronchitis/ear infection, I’m done doing nothing on rest days. Plank challenge, crunches, yoga. 1 mile run, something! I like your blog! Thanks for liking my page, 26.2 by 40! Looking forward to more of your blog!

    • Isn’t it tough to get your momentum back after being sick? But I completely agree. Doing something, ANYTHING is key. It doesn’t have to be long or hard. It’s not a race with anyone else. You’re very welcome! Happy Friday!

    • Me too, Crissie! I’ll be running with friends tomorrow in a 5K, and I have to admit that I’m nervous. I want to be able to finish this 5K is a decent amount of time (well, for me, anyway), so I’m afraid that talking will slow me down. But I know you *should* be able to do it! Maybe we’ll both master it some day! Thanks so much for reading!

  2. I can do pleasantry talking such as very few words when I run with others! I simply just don’t want to. It takes all my focus to run. lol I love running with groups but I prefer even then to wear my headphones and listen to music.

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