Jibber Jabber: Running and Talking

Someone please tell me the secret to running and talking at the same time. I’ve clearly not mastered it yet. I’ve never really ran with a group before, and even when I run with just one person, I can barely get out my words, and I’m not even running fast! Is it that I need to slow down my pace and regulate my breathing better? I know I must be doing something wrong. (Note: If I slow down any more, I’d literally be walking.)

Also, I have a love/hate relationship with rest days. Today is a rest day, because I don’t want my left foot blister to get worse, but I also don’t want to lose any momentum with my running. I’m notorious of going in spurts with exercise, so I don’t want to love my mojo!

What do you do on your rest days? Do you take a full rest day with no exercise at all? Or do you do something else that’s not really leg or running related?

I want to leave you with this awesome picture/quote that I saw today on Run Nerds Rock Facebook page.



6 thoughts on “Jibber Jabber: Running and Talking

  1. Some days I do nothing, but after being sick with flu/bronchitis/ear infection, I’m done doing nothing on rest days. Plank challenge, crunches, yoga. 1 mile run, something! I like your blog! Thanks for liking my page, 26.2 by 40! Looking forward to more of your blog!

    1. Isn’t it tough to get your momentum back after being sick? But I completely agree. Doing something, ANYTHING is key. It doesn’t have to be long or hard. It’s not a race with anyone else. You’re very welcome! Happy Friday!

    1. Me too, Crissie! I’ll be running with friends tomorrow in a 5K, and I have to admit that I’m nervous. I want to be able to finish this 5K is a decent amount of time (well, for me, anyway), so I’m afraid that talking will slow me down. But I know you *should* be able to do it! Maybe we’ll both master it some day! Thanks so much for reading!

  2. I can do pleasantry talking such as very few words when I run with others! I simply just don’t want to. It takes all my focus to run. lol I love running with groups but I prefer even then to wear my headphones and listen to music.

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