Today I ran 2 miles with a 13:41-minute pace. My left foot blister was acting up, so I definitely need to take a rest day tomorrow. I don’t want the blister to affect my 5K on Saturday.

I was able to use my yurbuds headphones today, which were part of my birthday present yesterday from Tom. I was so sick of having to smush the ear buds from my Nano into my ears every five seconds. Who needs that distraction?!

For today’s #pinkwednesday, I woke my pink tank.


One thought I’ve had a lot lately is that as part of my #justbejourney, I think I need to stop labeling myself as a “beginner runner.” I’ve said that frequently recently, and I feel like all runners are just runners. You don’t have to be fast or run long distances to be a runner, right? You just embrace it.


8 thoughts on “yurbuds

  1. Pop that bad boy and throw on some tape!! I don’t run with music, but my wife tends to disapprove the iPod headphones she has. Maybe I’ll look into those yurbud thingers…

  2. I have been on a 3 year long search for headphones that will not fall out of sweaty ears and will stay snug and comfy. I bought 2 different versions of earbuds and they didn’t work out for you. I think I finally found my pair in the Monster iSport Strives. Just sayin.

    Ps – you’re a runner. Period.

    Happy Trails,

    1. Aww, you’re the best, Pete! It really means a lot to me to hear someone else say it! Once these yurbuds die (or y’know, I inevitably lose them), I’ll check out Monster iSport Strives. Isn’t it the worst when you’re completely distracted and frustrated because of your headphones? Who designs these suckers?

      1. Sorry I meant to say yurbuds and and that they didnt work out for ME…not sure what kinda gel I was sucking on there…lol.

        Who designs them? SMART folks who want to keep making new and improved versions for us to buy:). Keep running as long as youre having fun:)

  3. No worries! I knew what you meant; I’m an editor by day. 🙂 I actually meant who buys the horribly designed ear buds that don’t work! What didn’t you like about the yurbuds? I’m just curious, because I’ve only used them once so far.

  4. Well, aren’t earbuds – that is, if you listen to music while you run – one of the most important things? I use these: http://www.hdetron.com/philips-securefit-earhook-headphones.html (no idea about the site, only the 1st one I found) and I think they are perfect! Been using them for 3 years, and I am about to change to my 3rd set (I accidentaly stepped on mine…).

    Nevermind the label. Enjoying the run is the most important part. 🙂

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