Side Stitches

My 2.09 mile run today at a 14:59 pace was grueling. It hurt. I kept getting a side stitch that just wouldn’t quit. I slowed down, took deep breaths, tried to stretch out that side, but nothing worked for very long before the stitch returned. I vowed to keep going though, and I’m glad I did.

A friend wanted to do a treadmill interval challenge today, which I tried for all of two minutes. The treadmill that I’m using doesn’t have an automatic adjusting incline setting, so you have to manually step off of the treadmill to adjust the incline. No thanks. I did it once, got annoyed, felt my thighs burning, and moved on with life. Sorry, Sue!

Here are some tips that I’ll try next time.

I also need to get some Moleskin, because the spot on my left foot that’s becoming a blister still hurts. I don’t want to injure myself right off the bat, so I might take tomorrow as a walking day. We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Side Stitches

    1. I completely understand, Charlotte! I’m such a klutz though, that I can’t run outside right now. There’s too much ice on the roads, and I’d fall for sure. I’m just thankful to have this clunky, old treadmill to use in the first place. At least it’s something, right? 🙂

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